What my doctor said this time

My doc: I won’t tell you not to get the Swine flu shot, but I will say I’m not getting it.  Neither is Dr. Stewart bringing in any supply of it only because he says there’s an ingredient in it that he feels hasn’t been tested enough.

Me: Is there still mercury in it?

My doc:  That’s why I’m not getting it.  I get deathly ill.

Everybody quote the expert that agrees him.  Here’s mine…

From the most watched (stats are irrefutable) and most annoyingly balanced (that means both sides) news network:

And the majority of experts want your kids to get not just the seasonal, but the pig one too.  That’s too doses of mercury.

It really is a crap shoot.  I think I’d rather treat the flu than live with the possible permanent damage.


Going to work. We’ll blog tonight

Just had a huge back and forth with PayPal.  I hate PayPal.  Since I used them I’ve moved and changed email addresses, therefore they can’t find me.  I get endless error messages.

Now I have to go to work so see what kind of work load they think I can clear in 8 hours.  Usually they have an unrealistically high opinion of me.  Yesterday’s work load was one I can handle.  That means it was half of any day last week.

See ya later.

Posting tonight — maybe

If I don’t go out to the Sprint store about 20 miles further away from home to get the ear piece replaced in my cell phone, I’ll be home at a normal time to blog and take our walk around the neighborhood, not so fondly known now as The Treadmill.

Have a great day

Because we bought it, that’s why

Due to our work schedules, Honey picks up the weekly groceries on his way home every Thursday and usually cooks if there’s supper to be had (not tonight) or he has to wait until 8pm minimum for me to get off work at 6:30, drive the 1/2 hour, and get it on the table an hour later.  Every Thursday the emails start about noon and relay until around 4:30.  Subject line is “grocery list.”

“We’re out of horseradish sauce.  Don’t get that wimpy stuff.”

He didn’t get that wimpy stuff.

Hah … hah ….. CHOOO !  Whoa!  Man! That’ll cure anything!  Yikes! Give me a kleenex! (snort)-CHOO! I’m sweatin’!  No sinus headaches tonight–no sinuses left.  No pneumonia or roof of my mouth or eyeballs either.

You know, it wouldn’t break the bank if we tossed the horseradish from hades and replaced it with something not quite so nuclear.  But, since we paid good money for it, we’re going to suffer through it.  Good stewardship.

You okay?  Yeah.  You? Yeah.

That’s good horseradish.  Num.

Mothers Day and what we want

My projects surround me.  I feel obligated after last weekend to catch up.  Having added seeds and plants to my list last night, I just might stir up the energy to start that great American novel on the laptop.  Just kidding, I will get something done and have started with applying stripper to the damaged table top on the screen porch.  That reminds me, I have to scrape it .. again…after the third application.

I’m back.  Now it needs the power sander operated by Honey.  Table project is static for the moment and I called my sister to share my adventure in the ER.  Next …. ?

The sun was out briefly but the sky is becoming overcast again.  Maybe I should stick a few seeds into some dirt for the rain considering it’s been raining for what seems like months and silly me with no rain barrel for the garden.

But before that, I want to get to today’s point.  What do we really want on Mother’s Day.  Everything done in love is noted as such and appreciated beyond measure.  However, I am quoting Cathie Laurie, wife of the minister/evangelist Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries in California, whose blog I just discovered and am adding to the side bar.  Cathie says it better than I could.  Happy Mothers Day y’all.

What Mothers Really Want
By Cathe Laurie

What I want for Mother’s Day this year really isn’t much. In my opinion, the flowers fade, the perfume evaporates into the air, that new dress eventually ends up on a rack at the Salvation Army store, and you may miss out on what moms actually want.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking the day has been hijacked by card companies, florists, and restaurants. But don’t let them pressure you into spending more than you can afford on a superficial trinket.

Here are three gifts that I think will not be forgotten:

1. A card with a handwritten note.
Not a cheesy rhyme on a pre-written card. Rather, a card, (handmade ones are the best) that says something specific and personal about why you are thankful for your mom.

One of my favorite cards I ever received was from my youngest son Jonathan. Christopher, older by 11 years and very artistic, gave me some amazing cards over the years. His cards would feature clever images and designs that were uniquely his own, and I loved and treasure every one.

But one Mother’s Day, when Jonathan was just a little boy, I opened a card that melted my heart and it still does every time I look at it. In big wobbly block letters, he printed:





2. A long hug.
I mean it. A long hug. Let us be the one to let go first! I want to feel your heart on mine.

My mother is a great hugger and kisser. She never entered the room without greeting us with a big hug and kiss that felt as if she was trying to inhale part of us into her.

I love hugs like that. Both of our boys are great huggers and it is one of my greatest joys this side of heaven.

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3. Verbalize your love.
Look her in the eyes, let them linger a moment, then smile and say, “I love you. Thank you for being my mom.”

These are some thoughts that I hope you will find helpful as you think about the perfect gift for your mothers.

And finally, some advice for moms on Mother’s Day.
If you get a Mother’s Day card from your child, I encourage you to cherish it. Save it and keep it safe where you can find it later, years later, to read. They will especially come in handy during those teen years, when you may love them but frankly you find there is more friction than when they are younger.

In a lifetime of mothering, you may end up with a box full of cards, but nothing is a greater validation of what you have accomplished with your life.

If you get a hug, wrap your arms around them and don’t let go until they do, and then hold them a bit longer. And if you don’t get a hug from them, hug them anyway.

I remember hugging my teenage Topher and saying, “I know you may not like me very much right now, but I will never stop loving you!” Years later, he thanked me for those very words and hugs.

If you can hear their voice say, “I love you,” listen with your heart and let it sink in.

So can I, on behalf of all the mothers out there, tell all of you that it is the greatest privilege in the world to be a mom? We may sigh and groan and cry at times, but nothing—no high-paying job or celebrated career—can ever pay what we receive in the long run.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).

Happy Mother’s Day!


I have a date with Cardio Man June 17th.  It sounds like a long way away but if this were Canada, I’d be getting royal priority. Canadians (eh?) measure medical treatments in terms of months.  If there’s a cancellation, I’m in sooner.

If something flares before that, I am in agreement with both Doc and Honey that before I can warm the ER bed, Doc is called, no question and she calls the shots.

If Cardio Man doesn’t think a cath is warranted or the insurance company won’t authorize it, I can go to a St. Mary’s facility and buy a CT scan on my own.  If the CT shows something in there that needs attention, I can have it sent to CM and Doc and they will convince Ins they’re all wet and then some.

So, all that said, I’m confident all is or will be well with the least drama possible.

I stopped at Lowe’s on the way home for some garden stuff.  I bought seeds for beans, radishes, bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers and 3 bags of planting soil.  For those of you in places where you can actually till the land and stick seeds in it, what does orange concrete mean to you?  Right.  Miracle Grow bags of dirt in pots.  Plants are flowers for the boxes in front and 2 big boy tomato plants.  It is undecided if the tomatoes will be inverted or in the big pots.  My record is dismal but maybe I’ll improve.  Yes? No?

If you’ll excuse me, I am so pleased I’m not hooked up to monitors on yet another Friday night that I feel I have to spend some time with the Honey.

Well, isn’t my life changing, then?

We decided to skip the stress test but just in case it had to be done, I went in to talk about it with Dr. Wendy Can’t-Remember-That-Woman’s-Last-Name this afternoon.  She is forwarding me to Cardio Man.  I won’t bore you with the details or the resolutions to better health.  Suffice to say I’ve had my wake up call.  I’ll be dieting and exercising, period.

She asked me if I was stressed enough to call this yet another anxiety attack.  “Only when I watch the news.”

Speaking of, go visit the new post on Politics & Religion, for a toxic mix that can result when the two collide and politics wins.  In the middle ages when religion dictated to kings, our heroic nation was birthed from the persecution of heretical protestants.  When politics overpowered religion under Hitler, the dry bones of Ezekiel’s prophetic vision stood up in May of 1948 and took on flesh as the nation of Israel.

Learn a lesson lest you wax complacent in your constitutional rights. Nothing is against the law until a law is passed criminalizing it, like, oh, let me think…..

…freedom of speech compromised by hate speech laws?

Just a thought.