(ring, ring) Hello

Oh, hi.  What’s happening with you? Us? We’re watching Hellboy.  Hellboy.  Hell … Boy.  Yes, it’s a movie.  Well, what did we know?  That’s right.  Yeah!  It’s a gas.  No, I don’t understand much of it except he’s a super hero with an attitude.  Oh, and cigars.  He smokes cigars and has an attitude..  Plot?  There’s a plot?  Lots of monsters, but … yeah, he likes this Pyro Chick too.  They grew up together in a lab or cave or something.  She needs a little color.

Cool CGIs…. gross, elaborate, endless, but cool.  Oh, fer sher, totally not the slightest Biblical except for some fire here and there.  No, Pyro Chick is a good… uh, huh, and she even goes to coffee shops.  And then there’s an amphibian guy, too.  He swims a lot and eats rotten eggs.

Naw, other than that, nothin’ much goin’ on. What’s up with you?

Sequel?  There’s a sequel…..?  Well, not this week.


Hey, Rocky!

See if any of the following sounds familiar:

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Saturdays never are. One of my projects was to clean up the computer corner, the design of which can only be described as Abandoned Landfill with a touch of Early Cave Dweller. I made a small start: one can see 20% of the oak surface.

Laundry is moving right along. I’ve done one load of towels, darks are in the washer. The blanket for the Oct 8 Buddy Walk is nearing the bordering process, I ran one errand, colored my hair, snacked, and am in the middle of Giant. That’s what I wanted to talk about.

Giant, 1956, filmed partially in Texas, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Chill Wills , and presenting Caroll Baker. What you may not know is that James Dean, the first official role model for cool,

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