Thoughts and Expressions

I have heard people gently describe others who suffer from hoof-in-mouth disease as "having no unexpressed thoughts."  I have many times fit into that category.  I am now no longer limited to face to face conversations, the telephone, and email.  I am online!  Wow!  When I worked nights as a New Hire Trainer, my husband said I had found my niche–staying up all night and talking.  And I have so much to say.  But, relax, only one thing at a time!

One of my passions is genealogy.  Since I feel we are products of not only our own pasts, but influenced by our heritage, I am thrilled when I look in the records and find one more piece of the ancestry.  I gain strength and identity from knowing that they’re not just names but once were alive, in love, worried, and dealing with things I deal with but in a different setting.  I am even more thrilled when I find letters or articles written by them, to them or about them.  In our recent age of instant communication by telephone and deletable email, I am excited about recording my thoughts, woes, worries, joys, and the rest of the human experience not only for those who read me from day to day but for those who aren’t yet. 

Be assured, I won’t be all about dead relatives, fun as they are.  I have a wide set of interests including All My Families.  More about more later.  Stay tuned.