Not much going on so think ahead

The baby blanket is built.  All I have to do is tuck in the loose ends and weave in the ribbon border.  The taxes are computed last week and covered, and I managed to decide on and book an air ticket to see my baby girl in June.  Tonight I can relax less pressured at the keyboard with one eye on Jack Bauer.  I have a lot to say but I don’t know exactly how to put it together or if I should split it into parts.  Bear with me.  This could be a work in progress.

Honey and I had a conversation last Wednesday about Jesus’ return.  We both feel strongly that we will be around to see it considering the signs in place since 1948, and not aging too much more before the event.  I feel we need to hunker down and prepare.  Honey didn’t see the need to be concerned, that Jesus will be here when He gets here.  I guess you can’t argue with that as long as life continues as comfortably as it is now, that maybe we’ll be in the middle of a praise song and just rise, that our churches won’t be shrunken from taxes, that we won’t be under sharia law, and everyone we care about will be included at that 7 year dinner party (the Rapture). But I see more blanks to fill in than he did at the restaurant.  The same Jesus who said “occupy ’til I come” also gave us the parable of the 10 virgins.  Five of them weren’t prepared for the groom’s dinner and weren’t included in the festivities.  They weren’t kicked out of the family, just the party.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be left behind for the Tribulation.  But before all that happens…..

I want you to go here.  Remember David Wilkerson, the author of The Cross and the Switchblade, founder of Teen Challenge?  He was almost required reading in Bible college.  Call him old and senile now, call him irrelevant or out of touch.  Say that people don’t have visions, they have dreams as valid as mine was last night.  Why is the doubter the authority and not the long time man of God brave enough to speak? Why are the prophets people hated 3000 years ago more relevant than prophets people hate today?  He is warning of disaster, giving time to prepare, not scare.

Let me throw this out for discussion.  “Off the grid.”  Shut off the electricity for more than just between showers and survive long enough to keep the electric bill as low as it was before the prices went up. This is not about saving the climate.  Man is simply incapable of adjusting the earth.  That’s God’s job and you don’t want to be here when he unleashes His changes.

If the price of electricity quadruples or more and your spouse is laid off, and your 401k is absorbed into the Social Security system like Pelosi still wants to do, can you open the can of beans and eat it cold with a good attitude in lantern light?  Do you even have the cans of beans necessary to get you through 3 weeks every month without electricity?

I’m still in the 50-something age bracket.  Barely, but still.  I listened to the stories handed down.  My grandparents on both sides were married and had children before 1900.  They had coal bins, out houses (heck, I grew up with one of those until I was 12), wood burning stoves, wells, lanterns, candles, gardens, washboards, clothes lines, and churned their own butter.  They didn’t have cell phones, MP3 players, flat screens, washers, dryers, or computers.  To them, voice activation meant the kids did what they were told the first time.  Neither did it cross their minds that they could demand a right to self esteem.  We should never forget their hard work and those before them that made this country great.  Too bad it’s on a decline.

I’ve frequently joked that in a famine, we’d starve first.   I say I can’t grow a garden  because I’m still traumatized by the extreme volume of Mom’s 100 tomato plants every year.  What I thought then was that she liked it.  What I know now is that she knew if we didn’t have a monster garden, we’d go hungry.  Thanks, Mom.  As for me, I don’t know if I can do it.  I tried last year and failed at green beans.  How do you screw up green beans?

I think this summer is a good opportunity for us to practice Off the Grid on a few weekends.  We’ll have the grill in good weather to cook outside, longer daylight hours to read by, no mosquitoes so we can sit outside to cool off, time to stock up firewood for next winter.  Maybe I’ll clean out a few cupboards for the church garage sale and open up some space for those cans of beans.  And cash.  Can’t forget to stash cash in small bills.  An EMT can take out a lot of ATMs for months.

Iran has developed the nuclear weapons and missles to launch multiple EMT attacks and has openly expressed their desire to bomb the snot out of not only Israel, but us.  New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, and any other large city they have enough ammo for are at first risk.

If you can’t shoot the giant in the head or the heart, the best way to take him down is at the ankles and work your way up — especially easy if the giant is flabby with complacency and not paying attention.  We are all that.


Is it a gift, a talent, or a bad habit?

Yabbut … what if … butbutbut

I’ve always wanted to know why and how.  I don’t want to lay blame in order to punish necessarily especially if there’s no benefit to it, but to reset the status quo in order to prevent a repetition.  But more than looking behind for reasons, I want to look ahead to protect myself, my loved ones, and those around me.  I want to know what’s coming head on.  I hate unpleasant surprises like “You are being terminated effective immediately.”  Why?  “I don’t have to tell you.  You have ( x amount of time) to pack your personal items.” No, I haven’t been fired from my current job.  But I have been fired elsewhere and the above is an exact quote.

Needing to know has been a curse and a criticism since my earliest memory.  Letting go is foreign to me although I have accomplished it, but with great difficulty.  My need to know has labeled me a pest.  Looking ahead has identified me as pessimistic.  “Yabbut, what if….”

Mom said I was borrowing trouble, always borrowing trouble.  Trouble is, no one wanted me to return it.

I am a watchman on the wall.  I am looking for the train and warning people to get off the tracks.  I laid my ear on the rail and felt the hum.  Y’all better clear!  But they’re having too much fun and don’t want to hear it because they don’t see it nor are they interested.

As a watchman, this frustrates me to no end.  I’m getting a Jeremiah complex and expect to be sitting in the bottom of a well soon.

Ever since my first baptism — that’s another post — when Dad told me that Jesus is coming back, that He’ll split the eastern sky, there would be an anti-christ, Jean Dixon was of the devil, the democrats are for the laborin’ man (Dad, I think you just went over the top), and so much more, I have listened intently to prophecy and tried to understand.

If you consider world history to be a theatrical drama, back in 1962 there wasn’t a whole lot of props on the stage, much more plot to unfold before the climax and that climax will be the return, the rule and reign of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem for 1000 years before the final judgment and the new heaven and earth.

Until then, there are a few trains coming out of the tunnel and heading straight for us.  There’s a few swords and shields beyond the crest of the hill barreling down on our swiss cheese fort.  Do you not want to at least lock the door?  God has spelled out warnings in scripture.  It’s up to the watchmen to point them out and piece them together. I am one of them. I deliver messages but don’t want to claim the title of prophet exactly… yet, anyway.

Most people, especially young people who have most of their lives ahead of them and don’t want to think they won’t have long, fruitful ones like their parents, don’t want to hear it.  I want to remind them that God never lays out his prophetic clues to scare but to prepare.

Do we buy life insurance? Car insurance? Property insurance?  Prepare for the worst first, then live life as if you won’t have to deal with it.