Comment on Purity

I saw in the first line “After they (the enemies) have been destroyed before you,” in Brother Finto’s post.  What strikes me is that the enemies have been destroyed.  All gone.  B’bye.  Not a threat.  Beaten. Dead. Out’o’here.

So what was it that endangered their souls if the enemy was history?

Human nature.  Natural rebellion. Independent spirit.

The scripture tells us that when Jesus comes back there will be 1,000 years of peace under His authority and rule. He will rule with a rod of iron.

Rule? Rule who? Us? Didn’t we just get immortal bodies? Iron? Why does he have to rule?  And why iron?  Isn’t satan (small s, you doomed to hell germ) tied up in the abyss?  There’s no more evil influence, so…. If it’s true that all sin and sorrow is because “satan made me do it”, what’s the problem?  The lion will lie down with the lamb, etc. etc. I’m confused.

In reality, we are told there will be people left over from the chaos of the tribulation. They’ll know Jesus is Messiah.  They’ll comprehend that Jerusalem is the capital, that the Jesus they thought was anything from a myth to a nice guy is not only real, He’s back, He’s in charge and He’s not the woosie they envisioned.  Their nature will still have independence.  They’ll still remember Earth and the prism of politics before Millennium.  Chances are they’ll be stricken with The Lot’s Wife syndrome and want to look back, analyze, and like the Hebrews who grew weary from the plenty of free food straight from heaven that they didn’t even need to grow, weed, or harvest, the survivors of the worst destruction of humans on earth will need serious redirection and education.

“Gee, we really thought socialism would work this time.”

I have a shocker for you.  It will.  Not through mankind’s self serving greed, but only under God Himself in the form of the risen Lord Who once lived in a physical body in the midst of the dust He created.

Add to this concept the thousand years of generations from the surviving mortals.  These will be brand new generations who will live in peace with nature, who won’t know danger from man or beast, who will not fear.  Finally, utopia.  Eventually, as it is written, a final generation will rise in its pride and independence with a last stand against the Lord they will see as having them on too tight a leash.  That last generation of rebels will be the final rebellion and it won’t be as ugly as Armageddon.  I have a hunch they’ll fall faster than they rise.  I have a hunch all Yeshua has to do is glance at them as He did when He landed on the Mount of Olives. They’ll be as toasted as the Antichrist was and as quickly.

And then the final White Throne judgment, the new heaven, the new earth, the new Jerusalem forever and ever.  Praise and glory be to God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.


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