How do we keep our minds pure?  Where do we find purity?  Where do we find the shields we need to keep the worms of sin out of our hearts and minds?

The preacher reminded us that if we took it seriously, we learned what we needed to know in our first year of Sunday school in the song, “Be careful little eyes what you see.  Be careful little tongue what you say.  For the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful.” Be careful little feet, little hands, little ears.

That isn’t just for pre-schoolers.  That’s basic Bible for our entire lives.

Input, output.  Data entry, data retrieval.  What you see is what you think.  What you say can slice whole groups of people including loved ones with your words.

What’s your favorite media?  What genre do you choose? “Oh, but I filter out what’s not appropriate, a trap of sorts.”  Tell me how that’s working for you. Your dreams will tell you what’s in the mind’s storage closets.  Your laugh button will tell you what you tolerate.

Is it time to haul out the Holy Drano?  Is it time to swap filters? I’m not aware of any scripture that indicates God winks at anything.  We are responsible for our own actions and choices.  Holiness in not laid on us.  Righteousness is through the blood of Jesus.  Holiness is grown in us.  We can stunt it.

Don Finto of The Caleb Company wrote the following on his blog site by the same name.  You can go to his site through the link or read below. Brother Finto is a very wise man.

Dangerous Curiosity

I was reading through the “Parasha” reading last week (available here) (R’eh: Dt. 11:26-16:17), and happened upon a word from the Lord that brought clarity to a danger we face: unholy and dangerous curiosity.

Moses is encouraging Israel in their devotion to the One True God and the danger of involvement with false gods who would lead them into disobedience and the evil consequences to follow. During the reading I happened upon this remarkable phrase, “After they (the enemies) have been destroyed before you, be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about their gods.”

“Ensnared by inquiring about their gods?”

“Ensnared by inquiring!”

Some things we need not to know. We have no need to know the ways of sin. Curiosity can open the door for inquiry. Inquiry can open the door for attraction. Attraction can open the door for participation.

My thoughts went to Eve in the Garden.

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food
Curiosity: “I wonder how it would taste?

and pleasing to the eye,
Attraction: “I’ll just look at it for a while, no need to touch it, but I’ll look. No real harm done in looking.

and also desirable for gaining wisdom…
Desire: “Why should I not know the ways of the other side? What harm does that do? That would make me wise. Perhaps I could even help others if I knew more about what is drawing them away from God?”

…she took some and ate it.”
Participation and the evil consequences of sin.

How many are ensnared into sexual sin by wondering what it is like? How many are lured into a life of drug addiction by wanting to know what it’s like to “get high?” Curiosity, inquiry, attraction, desire, participation with its evil consequences.

An interesting little sideline: I opened the Nashville Tennessean’s Sunday edition this morning and noticed a small side bar at the top of page one, “Nudists Strip Down, Shed Stereotypes,” reference page 1D.

My first impression was, “How gross! Who are these people? What would it be like to be in a nudist colony? Why would that appeal to people?”

My immediate secondary reaction was to turn to page 1D and find out more about this bizarre community.

But I had read the “Parasha” reading this week, and reconsidered my curiosity. Why did I need to know? Why should I even read more? Of what use would it be to me as a servant of the Most High God?

“Ensnared by inquiring!”

Be aware! Live as a faithful servant of the One True God! Lift high the Name of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah and World Redeemer. Meditate on Him. Praise Him. Exalt Him.


5 thoughts on “Purity

  1. I go out of my way not to listen to very much TV or movies. The reason: “Take heed to what you hear.” Listening to too much garbage hinders my hearing the Lord’s voice.

    And as usual, I really enjoy your comments, even when you disagree with me. Maybe you and Stan should move to California…

  2. Hi Auntie,
    I think this applies only to people (mostly youth) that aren’t yet self-actualized.

    Do you really think that if you read something about nudist colonies that someone as mentally accomplished as yourself would be persuaded to join them? I believe you owe yourself more credit than that.

    I believe I have a better understanding of the world and am more equipped to teach my children about things like nudist colonies, drugs, and other stupid activities due to acting on my curiosity.

    I looked into nudist colonies and why people get involved with such an activity and the underlying idea it took away from the inquiry is just what I expected: These are people who, for some reason, have an undying need for attention and are trying to fill a void left open by their failure to occupy themselves with more meaningful endeavors.

    Your Nephew,


    • The point is not nudists or research of, but how to navigate a fallen and sinful world and keep your soul unstained and your relationship with God clutter free. The author I quoted used that article as an example to first back up an actual warning from God through Moses to not dig into things that could pull you into where you don’t need to be and secondly to say “what’s the point of trashing your thoughts with impurity?” We are told to guard our hearts and think on good things, particularly pure things.

      Experience teaches but until you stick your foot in it and can’t pull it out, you don’t know it’s quicksand. So many act on curiosity and lose their way. Another example is surfing porn one picture at a time, more and more often. Do you encourage your child to collide with the car or stick her foot under the tire to better understand why not to step into moving traffic? Or do you show the kid some serious road kill to explain what cars can do?

      How did your research into nudist colony participants benefit your personal relationship with the holy God of the universe except to confirm “yeah, God, you’re right, this isn’t going to help me walk in Your ways”? Scripture could have told you the same thing.

      God is in these last days calling His people to deeper experience, narrower walking, cleaner living. The days of sloppy living are running out. Light pushes out darkness. Darkness has always stood for the ways of man without God.

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