It’s a pick-your-project weekend

I’m taking a break from preparing the church body, trumpeting the end of the age.  Both are valid in the setting of prophetic events surrounding us, but this is a 3 day weekend and since life is proceeding as it has been, and the sun is shining as it is supposed to, and I’m frazzled from work, I’m temporarily swimming to shallower waters close enough to see the shoreline.  Not that I’ve given up on my passions, Perry Stone has some hot new material out I want to order and there’s something I want to order from Sid Roth as soon as I can.  In the meantime, tomorrow I may (or may not–I’m moody) report on the latest sermon.  BTW, I think I’ll refer to Preach as RevRan instead of the former.  Call it a whim, but I think it sounds a tad more respectful.

As for today, I look around my house at the projects begging for attention and am teetering on being overwhelmed.  It’s not possible to get more than two of them under control in one day.  The quick solution for the kitchen is dragging in the hose.  Not a practical option.  The loosely defined office in the far corner of the third bedroom can only be classified as tortured neglect, and my closet taunts me with “we dare you to come in here unarmed.”  Add to that Honey took the speakers to the shop to update, is waiting for a part, and if Fed-Ex isn’t delivering the part today, there will be no DVD entertainment all weekend. (11:55 – yay! part delivered!)

Until the speakers are restored, I can’t run Rocky & Bullwinkle (lower lip sticking out in a pout mode) or anything else for that matter on the DVD player nor on my computer because it says I need a stupid plug-in which I may have to cave on.  I’ve never — not once — had good luck downloading anything without an error message, pulling hair, and getting help. But I’ll (deep breath) try one more time.


The kitchen and refrigerator are properly exorcised of demon possession, a load of whites is waiting in the dryer, I’ve run the dishwasher twice plus hand washed enough extra dishes to turn my nails transparent, and I have reloaded the books that were stacked on the dining room table all week and temporarily stored all 140 DVDs and an embarrassingly high number of VHS tapes we haven’t replaced with DVDs yet.  A few years ago we got a new higher quality $50 VCR to replace the one we bought for $500 in 1986.  All that’s left on the dining room table is the 9″ TV from the second bedroom that needs a converter box and antenna. It’s not that important to clear the table completely since we don’t eat in the dining room unless we have guests.  But it’s nice to see the top once in a while.

The closet still lays in wait plotting my demise, the so called office remains pitifully unusable, and Honey’s on the way home from the wood shop.  Tomorrow we nap after church, Monday we grill.  Life is laid back at the Brock house.

Happy long weekend.


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