My favorite Max

Once upon a time we had at that time most of Max Lucado’s books.  Then one year as the church garage sale was fast approaching, my spouse, Mr. We-Don’t-Need-This-Anymore-Do-We, scooped up our entire collection from which Mrs. I-Might-Need-This-Again-Someday, that’s me, later retrieved a select three volumes.

About a year after we moved to TN and I had a job with health benefits, I thought I’d get a physical and establish a records relationship with a doctor so that in the unlikely event I was taken to the hospital, I’d have a doctor to call.  I realize that’s not life threatening to not have a doctor, they have plenty in the ER, I just felt more comfortable with the relationship. The doctors who already knew me were 1500 miles away, and likely unwilling to lifestar themselves to me or me to them.  The particular doctor I chose had a walk-in clinic.  I had an appointment and a file that managed to find its way on the bottom of a stack of walk-ins. Three hours later they discovered their mistake. It’s a good thing I took a very thick book, which happened to be a Max Lucado, God Came Near.

In it was what has become one of my favorite Max stories, that of a closet full of reluctant candles.  Read it here. Light of the Storage Closet .

We all want to be perfect before our Lord.  Silly us.  We were in somewhat of a state of imperfection when we accepted His invitation, so why all of a sudden do we think we need to hold back serving him until we get our act together? You’ll see as you read his story.

I’ve gone through several doctors since then for as many reasons usually having to do with various insurance companies, not because I felt ignored or mistreated in any way that day.  It was a blessing to feel trapped without a cell phone.

Sometimes we need to be slowed down and held in one place long enough to be blessed.


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