‘Tis been a week

My Monday through Fridays are usually a crashing bore, nothing to write about that people would want to read.  This week is no exception.  I get up, I go to work, you know the routine.  I listen to radio in my ear bud, I read books on breaks.

Since the transition, re-grouping, whatever they’re calling how we were to do our jobs differently but are still doing them the same, I have had my breaks arranged for me.  Part of our new duties include phones with headsets (yuk) but not all of us are on the phones at the same time.  Prior to the change that hasn’t changed, I would be satisfied to sit through my 15 minute breaks so I didn’t miss Rush or Boortz.  Now I am shooed away from my cubie cocoon.  Since that mandate, I am actually getting some serious reading done.

I hope to revive my blog on books soon rather than add another type of ramble to this already scatter brained hodge podge blog.

Coming up in the near future— the next two days are Diana’s.  She is one of my best friends who has since we’ve known her, given birth, separated and been divorced from her husband, shown herself to be a rock to her kids, a faithful Jesus Follower, has met a great guy and this weekend is marrying him.  So tomorrow and Sunday are hers.  Honey is her honey’s best man, and I am making everybody sign the guest book or else.

Monday is a great big nothing and that’s the way we like it.

The weekend of June 6th, Honey will be at a trade show in Portland and I will be joining him and the Seattle Kids Saturday night.  We will be annoying them for a full week.

After that, it’s go to work, pay the bills, weed the garden-ette on the deck. Oh, and maybe I’ll paint the living room with the paint that is still being stored in the can, currently being used as a door stop to the screened porch.

Our lives are so riveting.

I still have a date with Cardio Man on the 17th.  Hope he’s cute.


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