Well, isn’t my life changing, then?

We decided to skip the stress test but just in case it had to be done, I went in to talk about it with Dr. Wendy Can’t-Remember-That-Woman’s-Last-Name this afternoon.  She is forwarding me to Cardio Man.  I won’t bore you with the details or the resolutions to better health.  Suffice to say I’ve had my wake up call.  I’ll be dieting and exercising, period.

She asked me if I was stressed enough to call this yet another anxiety attack.  “Only when I watch the news.”

Speaking of, go visit the new post on Politics & Religion, for a toxic mix that can result when the two collide and politics wins.  In the middle ages when religion dictated to kings, our heroic nation was birthed from the persecution of heretical protestants.  When politics overpowered religion under Hitler, the dry bones of Ezekiel’s prophetic vision stood up in May of 1948 and took on flesh as the nation of Israel.

Learn a lesson lest you wax complacent in your constitutional rights. Nothing is against the law until a law is passed criminalizing it, like, oh, let me think…..

…freedom of speech compromised by hate speech laws?

Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Well, isn’t my life changing, then?

  1. I don’t know your email, or I’d use it!
    Glad to hear you’re doing better….hope you continue to go in that direction. I’m praying for you!!!


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