Not for Minnesota only

After the initial first cup of coffee, I’ll check the email for the WNOX weather report so I know which of my many gowns I wear to work and if I have to plan extra time to hunt down an umbrella which is more than likely in the car or at work.  They include road reports so I know which part of the interstate I need to avoid and a line or two of news.

This morning I was skimming the email and listening to Fox & Friends out of the ear closest to the TV.  Fox & Friends were reporting the group deaths of 14 polo ponies in a barn just before a race.  The news line in the WNOX email was:

PETA is pecking away at NASCAR fans doing the chicken dance. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the Guinness records people to ignore an attempt to set a new record for the chicken dance.

WHY?  Are we insulting chickens? We EAT chickens! Hey, PETA!  Concern yourselves with cock fights less than 25 miles from my house!  Stop pit bull breeding!  Investigate the polo ponies’ deaths! Invade puppy farms and if you’re so concerned with chickens, open the cages and command they run free, but THE CHICKEN DANCE??

Take a gander (pardon the pun) and lighten up!!


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