Revelation wisdom

This morning I simply could not sleep past 5:41.   I had been rolling left to right and back again when a shoulder or entire arm tingled prior to finally opening my eyes long enough to focus on those annoying glow in the dark numbers.

sigh.. I smell coffee

After a few minutes of news during which OBF’s degrading international statements of shame and embarrassment over our country eliminated the need for more caffeine and created the need for a tranquilizer before 7:30 am.  None available.

I turned the channel to ANYTHING else and landed on Joni Lamb’s interview with a rabbi whose name escapes me.  He brought up gifts and passions.  How many times have speakers encouraged us to use our gifts, to pursue our passions.  He put a new spin, no, he turned it around 180 degrees.

For instance, his passion is fishing.  He isn’t very good at it, but no one is going to pay money to watch.  Nor will anyone be blessed watching him fish.

To pursue one’s own passion — not to be confused with one’s occupation(s) or hobbies  in this discussion  — solely for the sake of passion is self indulgent despite any level of noteworthiness and therefore selfish.  Instead he said we needed to project our passion outward in service to one another at any opportunity with passion.

We get so hung up on works vs. faith.  Entire denominations are formed and operate on works and rituals.   One of our ministers, Calvin Milan, said faith and works were our two main oars on the row boat.  One without the other will send us in circles.  Good works will do good for the recipient every time so don’t stop.  To do good for points, or worse, as a means to earn salvation, is without personal reward.  There are points or there wouldn’t be crowns or the judgment of good works, but God isn’t sharing His system so don’t even try to figure it out.

The secret is obedience to God in doing work He instructs you do to, besides what you just plain feel like doing for others because you truly want to bless someone.  It’s all such a mystery to us in this life.  Sometimes He makes it very clear what He wants us to do and it makes no sense whatsoever.  In this too, don’t ask for it to make sense, it’s probably not going to be revealed.  Just do it without regard to points or crowns.

Doing what people need done for them with passion whether God issues the order or not, or giving because giving feels good to bless others, may become your passion if you let it, or your calling, or your mission.  It doesn’t have to be money.  It can be a smile, a helping hand, a listening ear, an expression of sympathy and understanding, a compliment.

It certainly can’t hurt.


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