Dining room.  Done.  We have reduced the dining room to the china cabinet, the table and chair set, one small marble top chest for hot dishes and a plant stand with a lamp on it.  It is so done, we have grapefruit and oranges in a bowl on the table.

Bathroom.  Done but for replacing the light fixture maybe in six months.

Fireplace wall.  Done but for finding something to hang on it.  We’re waiting for our daughter’s decorating talent.  A good excuse to shop.

The taupe paint for the living room is being stored in its can until we recover.

We have to plan meals, vacuum one more time, dust, and set up a spare bed.

Other chores are finding a dress for next Sunday, something for my friend’s wedding and a few summer pieces.  I hate shopping for clothes since my figure has, in Mom’s words, “settled.”  Nothing settled.  Everything puffed up like a blow fish.  I wish it would settle.

Tuesday is Passover, Wednesday we launder, Thursday we go to choir followed by a quick late supper and pick up the kids at the airport.

Hopefully I will fire up the camera and update the FlickR account with new happy faces from the holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, work has taken on a new shadow — the headset tether to the telephone.  I can work with a new system.  I can adjust to my job getting complicated, changing into something unrecognizable with no pay adjustment, and changing my lunch break time.  Being a sharp old bird, I can do all that easily.  But the headset was not in the new team job description for which we all applied.  Surprise…..!  What could be a real road block is that I can’t wear a headband or eye glass frames for more than an hour before I get a throbbing headache.  Why should a headset pressing on one side of my head 8 hours straight not do that?

We’ll see how it all goes down by noon tomorrow.  Maybe it’ll rhyme with “pick-up” as in a four wheeled vehicle.  Speaking of Obama …..

who is spending our grand-children’s wealth, released embryonic stem cell research after research has shown that adult stem cells work and embryonic doesn’t, put a tax cheat in charge of our treasurey, okayed we pay for international abortions, fired a private citizen from a private company, threatened CEOs from private companies with “I’m the only person between you and a pitch fork”, gave control of private companies’ executives’ pay scales to Europe at the G20 conference, sent his toadie to the supreme court to ask that he be allowed to ban books during election cycles that speak negatively of candidates, slipped a clause in the first money balloon that nobody read!!! that sets up computer control in less than 5 years on how and if you get your meds under the heading “Meaningful Use”, and now congress has a bill that would grant him control and oversight of the Internet.  So much for the first amendment.

Let us not forget his stand on abortion.  I guess we did forget.  At the least, the 7 million evangelical Christians that tipped the scales in his favor forgot.  Did anyone stop once to ask exactly what the change was?

Don’t blame me.  I voted for Palin.


3 thoughts on “Done?

    • You bet your bippy, we can. In fact, I’ve earned a name tag that says “I clear rooms” after all the times I’ve dug my teeth into a political tirade, particularly on abortion. My conscience is clear and so is my dance card. Taking a stand can be lonely.

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