Day 4

Miserable.  Sneezy, runny nose, can’t sleep well.  Hopefully tonight is better.  Since the company cut our hours by one a week, I chose to go in an hour later on Thursdays.  Tomorrow will almost seem like an early Saturday sleep in.  Cutbacks aren’t all bad.

I expect to launch my next mission this weekend and that’s painting.  I have had the paint for the dining room since Christmas but have been postponed by not only the baby blanket, but by the need for wall seam repairs which is Honey’s territory.  He’s been busy.  So the next step is taking off the rest of the border over the fireplace and painting that.  I haven’t decided exactly what color but am leaning toward dark and dramatic.  Brown? Plum? Slate?

I’m suddenly tired of the bathroom wallpaper too and since it was so easy to take the border off, well, then ……….. we’ll see if the ambition correlates with the opportunity.

Once the decor is adjusted, I want to give attention to the ancestry again.  I’d really like another six months of membership.  Maybe over the winter months I’ll start writing their stories starting with Isaac, my great-grandfather, the 16th of 16 children and the first of 4 generations not to go into the ministry, followed by the 3 preachers before him.  The kings and Huguenots won’t wait much longer.

It’s late.  The virus has drained me.  Good night.

Honey didn’t like the green background.  Is this better, y’all?


One thought on “Day 4

  1. Honey was right about the green. You know, if you change the color of your dining room as much as you change the colors of this blog, the walls will end up touching each other.

    Take care of yourself.

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