Okay, so the last post was pretty grim

But so are the changes under Comrade Obama.  I will…not…sway from that opinion until I see corporations multiply and grow like rabbits, creating the jobs necessary to keep them as wealthy as they want to be, causing the market to burst through the 13,000 points that it was a year ago and careen past 15,000 or more.  Private enterprise and the free market create wealth and jobs and make the pie bigger, not socialistic ideology that throws confiscated money at slugs.

What triggered this mess was Fannie and Freddie.  And don’t anybody doubt it.  The people who loaded that gun are still in lawmaking positions in our new USSA Kremlin.  Both McCain and Bush tried to stop it in 2005 and all efforts were tabled and canned by the aforementioned lawmakers who brought us the Fannie/Freddie debacle.

That said, (whew), it’s been a fairly decent day at work.  Not too much stress, no one yelled at me, and I completed the tasks at hand without losing control.  This weekend they’re playing Cubie Basket Upset.  Everybody’s getting moved into place for the new team functions.  I think they just want people to clean the crumbs out of their cabinet drawers.

I’m just tickled that our parent company, a major bank that shall remain nameless here, is still in the black in spite of TARP and plans on giving it back.  To keep it that way, they’re cutting all hourly employees’ hours to 39 and reducing wages by 3%.  As unfriendly as that is, it isn’t a layoff.  So far, so good.  The upside is that we choose where the hour is deducted.  I chose sleeping in an extra hour on Thursdays.  Not too shabby.

I still stand by my previous post’s opinion on Jesus’ return.  The weakening of our nation’s defenses and the turn-the-channel attitude of our people is well on the way toward implosion and attack.  The power grids can go out with some well placed explosives by people like those who flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  You can choose to store up and prepare or hope there’s enough evil wealth left over to redistribute to you.  However, this badness could go on for years.  Honey’s right in that we don’t necessarily create the end of the age with our politics.  Just because it’s headed that direction doesn’t mean for sure that it’s next week or next year or five.  I don’t have the stopwatch.  But, how bad do you want it to get?  The stage really is ready for the last act.

If God does not judge this nation for, at the very least, her crimes against millions of innocent unborn, not to mention the tolerance of pornography and homosexual lifestyle demands, for turning from Him in all our ways, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.  If He doesn’t keep His word, His prophecies of judgments, He’s a liar.

Don’t think God’s gonna apologize to anybody is my humble opinion.  We’re in the scariest and the most exciting period of time since there was time.

We don’t need to go crazy with bomb shelters, bunkers, and guns, but I still think we need to stock up on the canned goods and candles.


5 thoughts on “Okay, so the last post was pretty grim

  1. I respect your ideals, I should mention, nothing could be done in 2005. Our crisis will not get fixed until we change how we value money, which is we shouldn’t. This crisis began when we changed what our society bases its economy, and that came in the industrial revolution. That would be when a lot of moral changes that took place. Men no longer worked in family businesses, their jobs taking them out of the household.
    I AM convinced this is a moral issue and looking to the governament shows our immaturity as a people of God. Christ called us to see Him.

    Money is money. a tool only. When we let it control us, is when we get into messes like now. It’s an indication our eyes AREN’T on the prize. Gov’t has a job to do yes, but its not election time, it s time for ALL of us to do our part and get our country on track, that includes creating a world of justice for the poor. the weak, the widows, the children and the sick. this is what my Bible reads… give ceasar what is ceasar’s and God what is God’s.

    • I was almost with you until the country creating justice for the poor, the weak, etc. Too many poor, I am leaning toward saying “most” of our country’s government defined poor, collect checks. That caused me to look up 2 Thess. 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

      I firmly and adamantly don’t want the government to parse health care. These are the people who haven’t shown a profit for Amtrak yet. Contrary to those who voted for change, profit runs the county, creates jobs so widows and the poor can collect paychecks not welfare handouts.

      Much is wrong and it’s getting wronger by the day with each and every bailout.

      You are correct when you say money is of the world. We are not of the world. I don’t think saving for retirement is as noble as giving to the poor of my choice, not Obama’s. He gives my taxes to international abortions. Not my choice. We are not of the world but we are in it, we can starve in it, and we have a responsibility to keep it clean, safe, and as prosperous as we can for future generations. Putting our great-grandchildren in debt is not the way. Printing money, driving up inflation, and handing both that devalued money and jobs to illegal immigrants while our own citizens lose theirs is irresponsible and blind.

      The first step to identifying a mess is to understand where it came from.

      Our biggest problem with a weakened economy is Islam. If it were purely a domestic mess, we just wait for another election. Islam wants us dead in their own words and they mean it. Obama is the wrong man for a good future and maybe the perfect man to lead us through his own marxist ignorance into Ezekial’s prophecies.

  2. yes, you know, you’re right… well, YOU KNOW you’re right…

    i was inadequate in explaining what I mean by poor… I believe the kingdom of God will see its best glory when ALL people are brought into the fold…. even in the rest of the world.. actually, even more so in the rest of the world.

    no doubt there are enemies out there, these enemies DO have names, but what I’m trying to say is ‘eye on the prize, eye on the prize, eye on the prize’. Christ left us with a job to do.

    I understand personally about the monetary losses of recently. Not just understand, I KNOW them intrinsicly. I have done a massive amount of study in monetary systems and economics to know that your grandchildren would be in debt before YOU were born. I don’t know who was president then, but it doesn’t matter.

    Let me explain. When the moving economic force in our society switched from gold to oil, it made our currency irrelevant to our society, because of the gold standard. Precious metals once moved our economy but once the industrial revolution came about, everything we produce, consume and use is valued by the price of oil. even our food sources need to be shipped, using oil. so yes, I can see why people believe islam is the culprit because they happen to own what we need. and they aren’t nice or fair about it. and true, it’s not fun some want us all dead to boot.

    with that said, government won’t fix this. As a group, Americans consume more resources than the rest of the world period.
    Jane, we can’t eat oil, we can’t money, we can’t wear them either, and they aren’t doing anyone any good in their nonexistant pension funds right now.

    This really IS a lesson for US. you, me, my neighbors, your neighbors. WE are too much!!

    I sincerely hope I clarified where I was coming from, I pray christians can move from blame to rolling up their sleeves and living out the ideals we are trained to live by. THIS is what will fix things, I know this in my heart of hearts!!!! It’s all about who is not in the fold.

    • I peeked at your site. What a gentle soul you are. I don’t intend to come off so sharply but y’know, I’m afraid my personality lends itself to what my friend Larry Who on the side bar keeps telling me, that I am a watchman on the wall. This fellowship tends to have few friends. Being of the feminine design, I may be a somewhat softened version. We’ll see as God develops what He wants to develop.

      Government has seldom ever been the friend of man ever since the Hebrews insisted on a king, a few good ones interspersed here and there but by and large, too much power over people.

      I believe it was Nixon who abandoned the gold standard. It was Japan who needed the petro and started gulping up Pacific ports to control the traffic thereof in the 1930’s. I see your point that since the industrial revolution, the world has become more and more dependent on oil. Add synthetics, cosmetics, lycra (my fave) polyester, plastics, just about everything we touch and use is an oil product. In the process, who but a few craftsmen in the hills remember weaving from wool, growing virtually all food consumed, burning wood exclusively for warmth, in short, living off the land.

      Let me direct your attention David Wilkerson if you don’t already know him. He founded Teen Challenge in the 60’s and is a consistent and steadfast man of God lo these many years. He outlines a near future that drains all color. I am starting to set ourselves up to live off the grid. Continue visiting to see how this happens and maybe offer advise if you have any.

      Nice to meet you. May I add you to my sidebar?

  3. yes, it is always good to meet other nice people. I cannot offer much response other than yes, you may add me to yuor sidebar… I am not really writing at the moment, but will be soon, for more details you will have to refer to my lasy post.

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