The Preacher

Our minister has started a series regarding Biblical truths.  I don’t remember all the titles listed on the poster, so I guess you’ll just have to tune in regularly to get my nutshell interpretations.

To make things perfectly clear up front, the man’s first name is the same as my son’s so to make things easy rather than clarifying each time I refer to either man as “son” or “preacher,” my son will be named and the preacher will hitherto be known as Preacher.  If he minds, (if he evens reads me!), he’ll have to say something.  Yo, Preacher! Good sermon today!

The series is about Biblical Truths.  Today’s message was Biblical Worldview.  The bottom line was that the Bible is a whole teaching, the instruction manual.  You don’t get to pick out what you like and diss the rest of it.  It’s a whole.  It says God created the earth as you see it in seven days.  Deal.

Personally, I don’t want to waste precious time on a God who can’t create.

The Bible is for our instruction and correction.  We need both. Recognize we have pride and pride is a stench in God’s nostrils, so deal that one out.

Either the world view of secularism, humanism, polytheism, and I’m-okay-you’re-okay-ism is acceptable or the Bible is absolute.  Pick one.  There is no mixing.  Deal.

The preceding was the short version.  People told me today Preacher preached almost an hour.  I was saved in a pentecostal congregation that, among other things,  included tongues, speaking in, prophesying in, and interpretation of.  They prayed long and preached hard.  Or was it the other way around?  Either way or both ways, an hour sermon is not a problem.

Rock on, Preacher.  These are the last days.  the politically correct will faint away.  The bride needs a personal trainer, and the Holy Spirit is ready.  I can deal.  Let’s roll.


One thought on “The Preacher

  1. I didn’t notice that it was nearly an hour. . .in fact, he might have gotten done sooner, but everybody kept saying, “Amen!” (that takes precious time, too!)


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