Wanna bet?

I always thought that executive orders were issued in cases of emergency such as when there wasn’t time for legislative due process.  To skip procedure shows a profound lack of respect for our system, our traditions, our foundational fabric as a nation.  That”s what first alerted me to the possibility that the current president doesn’t value protocol.  He’ll do what he damn well wants to do.

Before the west coast hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock, before they had a chance to rub the sleep from one eye, the new president signed an executive order to open records for examination of the previous administration.

Conversely, when George W. Bush took office, he tightened access to Bill Clinton’s archives out of respect for the office.  Somebody’s a class act and it isn’t The Comrade.

Two days later, he said it’s okay to take my taxes and support international abortions with it.

What’s next?  Let’s wager.  I’ll bet something other than the money I don’t get to keep after double digit Carter style inflation the following:

  • Gas goes up first to $4 through taxation having nothing to do with the price of a barrel of crude.  We tolerated $4 last summer, so it stands to reason that the politburo can take the difference up to $4.  Any rise in price will simply add to it.  We could see $7.50 a gallon by Christmas.
  • Hate speech prosecutions will grow in strength in churches.  Not mosques, churches.  Any preacher teaching what scripture says about homosexual behavior will be charged with hate speech and be fined, serve time, or have his license to preach taken from him.
  • In the spirit of fairness and wealth distribution, churches will pay taxes.  Period.  The rate will exceed corporate rates.
  • Government will increase their ownership of prime bank stock via bailout or (don’t doubt me) executive order, setting up an easy transition to a world bank operation under a United Nations like organization if not the UN itself.
  • The fairness doctrine will gradually silence Rush, Hannity, et al, forcing them to go first to exclusively internet, then satellite, then live performances, then nothing.
  • Blogs will be given notice.
  • The two term limit will be history.

If the mold of liberal Soros funded and propagated control doesn’t drive all these scenarios close enough to completion or extinction in 4 years, it will be done in the second 4, or the 3rd.

Wanna bet?

Tune in next time to discuss what happens to the churches and within the body of believers under these circumstances.


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