Happy now?

Stimulus Porkulus, Latin for ‘Roid Pig, 700+ pages of dried melba toast rhetoric designed to bore the reader before he gets to the part about government controlled health care buried because the light shed by discussion would not let it stay there.  It’s not totally socialized yet, but once the office blinds are in place by the proposed deadline of 2014, all Americans’ medical records will have been computerized.

It’s modeled after Tom Daschle’s statements, in whose book he stated that “seniors need to become more accepting of the conditions that come with aging instead of treating them.”  Note the word “instead.”

Tom Daschle was going to be the health czar before it was discovered that he too had made an innocent mistake and forgot to pay almost $200,000 in back taxes.  Do you have any idea how fast the IRS would come after me in my trailer if I forgot to pay my $200 last year? Or is your head still swimming in hope and change and change and hope and hope and change and change and hope?  If so, stop here because you’re not likely to be capable of  absorbing what I’m about to tell you.

Grandma got run over by Obama, On her way to pick up medicine. You can say that we’re not in deep do-do, but as for me and Grampa, we believe.

“I’m here to pick up my refill for my blood pressure pills.”

“What’s you date of birth, ma’am?”

“May 12, 1960.”

“We’re sorry, your eligibility has expired.”

Well, hell’s bells, LeRoy, we have to cut corners somewhere for the first trillion not to mention the upcoming 3 more trillion and that’s just this year.  Plus Hollywood’s going to need another $200 million like they got the first time.

The ‘Roid Pig bill passed by both houses this week is setting up a system that will, not may, but is going to force doctors to access a government controlled database and consult a government employee probably on a similar pay scale with your mail carrier and Amtrak ticket taker to tell the doctor who is and who is not going to maintain his or her quality of life LONG enough to warrant the expense of the treatment.

We’re sorry.  Your eligibility has expired.  B’bye.


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