Gort got really big

I guess it was all those metal cockroach snacks.

I can’t believe I consumed that much popcorn salt and survived.  On second thought, I haven’t lived through night yet.  Jury’s till out.  I’m hoping the excess sugar and caffeine in the full boar Coke counteracted it.

We used my two free Regal tickets, half of my Christmas bonus, to see The Day the Earth Stood Still.  The new one.  Key plot and storyline points remained although not in the same order.

The alien is still Klaatu, Helen Benson is still the female lead, there’s still a small boy, a robot named Gort and the genius mathematician, Professor Barnhart. But now Klaatu is without emotion and lacking any knowledge of human behavior, Helen is a professor of some sort of biological research, the boy is her black stepson, Prof Barnhart used to be John Cleese, and Gort is huge, several stories huge, but he still has a laser eyeball that disintegrates tanks an’ stuff.  The saucer is now a glowing ball.

Also the same — alien comes to earth to save it; army tries to blow up alien, spaceship, and robot; US official refuses access to United Nations; army chases alien, woman, and boy; alien messes with Barnhart’s chalk board formula; all the lights went out and all motion stopped but it was at the very end after all the action, taking all the punch out of it.

I hope I’m not ruining too much for you.  This time there were 8 people in the theatre.  Last time, 6 for the Bond film, and for the X-Files, we were two of three people.  The 3rd looked like he might have forgotten his foil hat in the trunk.  I’m afraid theatres may be on the short list of  doomed Americana, buried next to drive-ins.

We went to Wal Mart after the movie to look for the dark country blue yarn.  None.  But I remembered the nail polish remover and found a deep fat fryer while  Mr. I’ll Wait Right HERE disappeared to the deli for some BBQ’d chicken chunks.

“Hey, it’s not a loss.  We got this fryer for what we didn’t spend on a free movie we would have otherwise rented in 6 months.”  Now we won’t have to rent or buy it.

On the possitive side, it had fantastic special effects and a good story.  What made me want to spew salty popcorn right at them was that according to the alien, people are evil by virtue of their very existence.  The earth is worth saving and can be done by ridding it of the evil, polluting, destructive, horrid, vile, disgusting, methane tooting human race.  The original was concerned with man’s discovery of nuclear power and our habit of warfare.  The concern is still valid today, google Korea and Iran.  Nuclear holocaust can and may poison the earth for decades if not centuries — all man’s fault.  This version concentrates on, but doesn’t use the phrase “manmade climate change.”  A pox on them and their ilk.  Much profanity is deserved and applies here to the arrogant, brainwashed chicken littles who insist that man is even capable of totally destroying earth with greenhouse gases, a fatal quantity of which has not yet been precisely measured because we don’t have 2 clues how much is up there let alone how much is bad.  (sheesh!)

Why couldn’t they have said “Klaatu barada nickto” — even  once?  Because Gort …. no, I won’t ruin it for you.


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