Happy Calendar Page Turn

In my single girl years and the first 3 to 4 years of our marriage, I spent at least as much effort if not more than I did on Christmas looking for

  • a date
  • a party
  • a sitter

One year, we hired our sixteen year old to pick us up from the golf club party where we planned and did consume an adult beverage.  The chauffeur plan served two purposes,

  • to guarantee innocence should the police have a check point
  • to guarantee the whereabouts of the 16 year old

As for the last few years when we had nothing stopping us from doing what we wanted, we prefer to stay home.  We’ve even developed compassion for our friends.  The way these roads are, if our guests can’t stay the night, we’re nervous about having them.  They wouldn’t get near under the influence of much more than decaffienated coffee but the oncoming traffic might not be able to see the center line or care if it’s there.  In that scenario, sobriety doesn’t guarantee much around curves.

We have a couple of Netflix movies and firewood.  Maybe we’ll stay up past 10:00.


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