C’mon, tell the truth.

I used to think it would be fun to be in a crowd and when the inevitable hihowareyou greeting came, I would like to see what would happen if I answered “I have the flu” extending the “u” really close to the person who doesn’t really care how I am.  This is immature and will not happen.  Relax. Don’t do that even if you do have the flu–especially if you have the flu.  You shouldn’t be in a crowded room anyway.  Life isn’t as much fun when grown up.

This morning the usual, standard greeting was still “Hi, how are you.”  The difference between years ago and now is that I realize people really do mean it and if I were to answer with the truth, or even the standard fine, but just don’t move on, a conversation might happen, a nice conversation.  It is the way it is.

I said “Good morning, Dan.”  He asked “Hi, how are you?”  I answered “Fine.”  Then I turned around and walked back to him.  “I have a facial twitch, a toothache, and a sore heel.”  He laughed because I’m usually joking about life in general.  “No, really.  My left eye lower rim is twitching, the dentist’s assistance chipped a filling and I can’t bite down on it, and somebody broke into my house,  grabbed my right foot and injected broken glass and razor blades into the heel.”  He laughed harder.

Next would be “Have a nice day” but he was still laughing.  What could he say except “I hope you get better.”  What could I respond with except “Thanks” and hobble away.

On the way home from church, I tipped my head back and proceeded to doze off in that open mouth bobble headed sort of way as the car takes first a left curve, then a right, and so on.  Personally I think if the average East Tennessee driver had to deal with more than one or two one mile stretches of straight, flat pavement, he/she would start to shake uncontrollably and develop a facial twitch.  We made it home, I promptly kicked off the offending shoes and headed for the nap room.

What’s the date? The 14th of December?  Okay, I guess it’s time to start on the exterior illumination.  We have searched the shed, several drawers, a couple of closets and there are not enough lights.  After 35 years of marriage, you would think we would have an abundance of Christmas paraphernalia that we don’t need, not a shortage.  Wait.  We do have an abundance of stuff we haven’t used in several years.  Just not enough outdoor lights.  So the list of stuff to pick up just got longer.

The tree is still in the box under the dining room table.  The angel is hung.  Really.  We suspend her from a cup hook in the ceiling over the tree, she’s just treeless for another few days.  There are some lights on the back deck and an unplugged star on top of an aluminum pole and that’s it.  Like I say, we have a list which will probably be still laying on the counter when we both walk out of the house tomorrow morning.

Some fun news is that my friend Diana is sporting a pretty spanky diamond ring on her left hand.  So it’s been a pretty good day.  All said, the day was a blend of partially finished projects and a nap.

It’s only the 14th.


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