Good, good weekend, part one

It was a healing weekend after last week’s fun.  I was determined to buy the grandsons the Star Wars Clone voice synthesizer helmets.  I knew in the first place that the 5 yr old would love it.  I also knew the 2 year old wants everything the 5 year old has.  Property ownership has no boundaries for a 2 year old.  In spite of the manufacturer’s suggestion of 5+ , the 2 year old is getting his own.

Their dad pointed out that he doesn’t want to get into a pattern of duplicate gifting.  However … in this case … the probability of duplication is directly correlated to the toy’s level of cool.

The 2 year old is getting his own.  If it’s a bust, and the kid totally hates it, they have the receipt to exchange it.

Getting the helmets to them was trickier.

Black Friday is not on my plate.  I had to work anyway.  Since Wally’s is across the street, I can get what I need on lunch break.  That day I figured I’d push my way through the toy section to see if they were on sale.  First there weren’t crowds at 3pm.  Second, they were not marked down.  Sigh.  I put them in the cart anyway.  As soon as I put them in the back seat I thought of the shipping efforts.  That’s the first thing out of Honey’s mouth was his concern over shipping costs.  Okay, I’ll return them and go through Amazon.

Did you know Amazon doesn’t offer free super saving shipping options on toys?  I clicked my way through the process and was poised over the last key when I thought about going online with Target or Wally’s, pay for them and have the parents pick them up.  It didn’t take long to see that the online Target experience was going nowhere so I called the number.

(dial, dial, dial) Target Customer Service. How may I help you?

She was really nice and did everything she could to be helpful.  The outcome was less satisfactory.  They wouldn’t take my card number over the phone.  They would hold the merchandise for no more than 24 hours.  The south branch had none in stock but the north branch did.  The son couldn’t pick up anything when I called him as he was dashing through the snow to ring the Salvation Army bell for a couple of hours before he had to go to work.  The mommy was sitting under the 2 year old who had pink eye.  Glack!  Not the dreaded pink eye! So she wasn’t running any errands either.

After a few more phone calls, it was determined that not only would Target not take my Visa from me over the phone, they would not accept it from the son even with the 3 digit security number on the back even if he identified himself and had me on the phone with him.  You know, they and several thousand other people see him on television every night.  Being that recognizable and so easily found, he’s not likely to commit credit card fraud or identity theft  with his mother’s Visa card!

I told the nice girl how much I appreciated her efforts but that she should inform her superiors that I was one Amazon click away from not getting anything from Target.  Good grief.

Daddy picked up and paid for the helmets the next morning after dropping off the 5 yr old at kindergarten and the check is in the mail.  Really.

Tune in again soon for The Long Distance Nanny’s Adventure of the Plaid Flannel Pajamas.


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