It’s been a whole week?

You would think I was busy making snowflakes or something!  Well, 22 down, 10 to go and then the starch and pin process.  I’ll make it especially when I forgot the exact deadline.

We’re having two couples over tomorrow so I have to take time out to pick up and polish the place down a little, ok, a lot, with maybe some snowflake time to spare.

I started a new book, As America Has Done To Israel, based on Genesis 12:3 and Obadiah 1:15.  Check it out.  It’s a study of 40 out of 70 incidents of huge natural and financial disasters that correlate within days and many times within 24 hours of a nation or leader betraying Israel.  Ten is coincidental.  Seventy?

I’ve been avoiding the news, yea, even Foxnews, I am so downhearted and bruised.  Yes, still.  Instead I’ve been surfing Daystar when a forensic or related crime drama isn’t on.  What I’m finding is a wealth of study on Israel and prophecy.  I don’t think it’s a fad.  I think the pieces are very close to complete.  For some that is perilously close, but for the saved and waiting, it is deliciously close.

I read the introduction and most of the first chapter of my new book on break today and tonight tuned into a preacher talking about the same verse from Obadiah quoted in the book.  It was enough to make me point to the TV.  Twice in one day when it’s been years since I even remembered there was a book of Obadiah or anyone by that name!

The next read is one that our Sunday School leader has referenced as required reading when he was a kid in public school, Fox’s Book of Martyrs.  Does it make you wonder, if Jesus’ resurrection was a lie the disciples conspired to spread, that they all but John, died horrible deaths to perpetuate that lie when all they had to do was say they lied and live peacefully to old age?  If we could just keep this knowledge from ever reaching generations of children, people wouldn’t have to deal with this pesky Christianity nonsense.

That reminds me of the World Net Daily article about the family that emmigrated to Tennessee from Germany recently because the German government monitors home schools and shuts them down when they don’t teach what they’re told to teach.  I can’t find the article tonight but will prowl the archives later.

It’s late, the embers are glowing in the fireplace, it’s nearly midnight and my snuggly comforter beckons me as the outside air gets colder and colder.  But, hey, it’s still above zero, well above zero.  Good night.


One thought on “It’s been a whole week?

  1. Nice blog janebrock. And you are right… it is cold! Good time for a nice cup of hot tea and a little Bible read! God Bless your efforts.

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