Is it a gift, a talent, or a bad habit?

Yabbut … what if … butbutbut

I’ve always wanted to know why and how.  I don’t want to lay blame in order to punish necessarily especially if there’s no benefit to it, but to reset the status quo in order to prevent a repetition.  But more than looking behind for reasons, I want to look ahead to protect myself, my loved ones, and those around me.  I want to know what’s coming head on.  I hate unpleasant surprises like “You are being terminated effective immediately.”  Why?  “I don’t have to tell you.  You have ( x amount of time) to pack your personal items.” No, I haven’t been fired from my current job.  But I have been fired elsewhere and the above is an exact quote.

Needing to know has been a curse and a criticism since my earliest memory.  Letting go is foreign to me although I have accomplished it, but with great difficulty.  My need to know has labeled me a pest.  Looking ahead has identified me as pessimistic.  “Yabbut, what if….”

Mom said I was borrowing trouble, always borrowing trouble.  Trouble is, no one wanted me to return it.

I am a watchman on the wall.  I am looking for the train and warning people to get off the tracks.  I laid my ear on the rail and felt the hum.  Y’all better clear!  But they’re having too much fun and don’t want to hear it because they don’t see it nor are they interested.

As a watchman, this frustrates me to no end.  I’m getting a Jeremiah complex and expect to be sitting in the bottom of a well soon.

Ever since my first baptism — that’s another post — when Dad told me that Jesus is coming back, that He’ll split the eastern sky, there would be an anti-christ, Jean Dixon was of the devil, the democrats are for the laborin’ man (Dad, I think you just went over the top), and so much more, I have listened intently to prophecy and tried to understand.

If you consider world history to be a theatrical drama, back in 1962 there wasn’t a whole lot of props on the stage, much more plot to unfold before the climax and that climax will be the return, the rule and reign of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem for 1000 years before the final judgment and the new heaven and earth.

Until then, there are a few trains coming out of the tunnel and heading straight for us.  There’s a few swords and shields beyond the crest of the hill barreling down on our swiss cheese fort.  Do you not want to at least lock the door?  God has spelled out warnings in scripture.  It’s up to the watchmen to point them out and piece them together. I am one of them. I deliver messages but don’t want to claim the title of prophet exactly… yet, anyway.

Most people, especially young people who have most of their lives ahead of them and don’t want to think they won’t have long, fruitful ones like their parents, don’t want to hear it.  I want to remind them that God never lays out his prophetic clues to scare but to prepare.

Do we buy life insurance? Car insurance? Property insurance?  Prepare for the worst first, then live life as if you won’t have to deal with it.


One thought on “Is it a gift, a talent, or a bad habit?

  1. I agree with you.

    When my prayers do not get answered or my prophetic words go awry, I want to know what happened.

    This is not always fun, but it could mean the difference between victory and defeat in the next battle. Hey, I hate losing!

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