We’re back.  In fact, we made it into the front door only a notch the worse for wear after logging exactly 942 miles one way, although we pulled off in Danville this time.  That helped.  My lower back is doing nicely.

I’m in a limbo mode.  I have 3 blogs, politically slanted, that I can’t seem to condense into a small enough space to keep anyone’s attention to the end and still say all I feel about the final hours of intense sign waving and last minute reminders of how much of a schmuck the object of both their rantings is.

Details, myriad details.  It’s easy for me.  I’m voting for the babies.  I want conservative constitutionalists appointed to the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v Wade and send the decision to treasure life or choose to destroy life to the states.  The constitution is our contract, proven to work and is in peril of being merely an antique.  One of the candidates declares it inadequate and constraining.  There’s a tape of him saying that.  It’s not mud if it’s true. If both candidates were pro-abortion, I would have no choice but to stay home.  The bloodletting runs that deep in my heart.

One of the candidates voted 3 times to let babies who survived abortions to lay in the trash with the other waste and die.  I’m responsible for more of them if I support him with my vote.

It’s that simple.  The rest of it is rhetoric.

As for this minute and last week visiting the kids, there are pictures in the camera which is ….. somewhere.  I saw it earlier, really I did.  We had a grand time and I will brag later in the week.

Let me get through this election.  I’ve been through several since I cast my first vote for Richard Nixon, not an altogether bad president.  He saved Israel.  If that’s all he did, he was where he was supposed to be — in the White House for that moment in time. His problem was getting nailed for that Watergate thing, the same thing LBJ did and using the taping system JFK set up.  He really should have burned the tapes.  And he was kind of a ego-maniacal jerk, but other than that, not too bad.

I was a grown-up, a pregnant one at that during Carter’s 22% prime interest rates, 12% inflation rates, misery index, tripled gas prices, supply shortages, gas lines, and of course, the release of radical Islam onto the world scene after he pulled our friendly shah from Iran.  What a total ….. (Honeeee, what’s that other word for screw-up? oh, he must be in bed).

Add to Carter’s legacy the signing of CRA, the bill that launched the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle that Clinton expanded.  Ol’ Bill admitted it on Good Morning America.  He actually said it wasn’t Bush’s fault, that both Bush and McCain tried to fix it 12 times but the democrats wouldn’t budge.

As for Bill Where’s-That-Intern Clinton, we can thank him for condoms at school exits. Bill Clinton, the white man most in need of trans-gender surgery for the sake of women’s mental health.

Remember one thing.  Barack Hussein Obama, marxist, son of a muslim Kenyan, his paternal grandmother said he was born in Kenya but the proof of or against is being witheld, he was educated most of his youth in muslim schools, a friend of Bill Ayers who honored Sirhan Sirhan in his book, friend of Rashid Khalidi who supports the PLO and hates Israel, and he actually wants to take us into a socialistic dive from which we will not pull out.

We are absolutely going to be attacked again.  Didn’t Biden say so after a security advisory committee meeting? (Do you really want that blabbermouth in the White House?) Who’s qualified to take military control and defend us? Mr. Talksomemore?

Who’s going to look a former KGB operative in the eye and say “KGB” and which one will sit down with him and hand him anything he wants?

You decide.  I’m voting to end the live, non-anesthetized dismemberment of any more babies.


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