If he said it and voted on it, is it true?

This is your last chance to see the nutshell collection of what Comrade BHO actually said.  I mean, read his lips and look for the gun to his head that made him say it.

The Comprehensive Argument ….” a composite of videos and commentary by Hot Air.  See also At Least Know Who You’re Voting For.

Want to know Al-Qaida’s opinion? ”

the Al-Hesbah website is one of four main al-Qaida-related forums.

“Overall there are many more posters on these forums who want McCain defeated, because they want Obama to withdraw the U.S. troops from Iraq so the terrorists will claim victory,” Shahda said.

The Oct. 23 post also called for launching a “crushing strike” after the election.

Still saying “so what”?  When our enemies — sworn, self-declared enemies who have already struck and crave another — support a particular candidate, and that doesn’t at least give you pause to reflect on wisdom, please have someone duct tape you to the plumbing on election day.

I’m Jane and I approved this message.


One thought on “If he said it and voted on it, is it true?

  1. Glad to see you’re back.

    You passed one place on your way home from Minnesota that was missing a wife. My daughter, from Faribault, MN, was here in California with us while you went north.

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