15 days out, still clinging to the gun and the Bible

The first fire of the cooler season burns in the fireplace.  I hesitate to say fall/winter when as recently as this weekend our daytime high was under 70.  I went in to work 50 minutes early this morning and stayed an hour late.  My feet are up on the footrest and I am in front of the fireplace.

The Feast of Tabernacles is over tomorrow, and I managed to attend the first night and the two of us went on Friday, a one day attendance improvement over last year.  There are a few pictures of us in the decorated open air booth and if any of them is good enough, you’ll be seeing it in our Christmas letter since we are now convinced Jesus was born the first day of the festival and was conceived during the celebration of lights, Hanukkah, in December. So, yes, the two holidays are tied together,  just a little turned around.

Fifteen days from now we will have a total of the votes for the next president, genuine and fraudulent. The Supreme Court said we have to count the fraudulent just 8 short years after the same Court confirmed we don’t have a constitutional right to vote in a federal election anyway.  Go figure.  Maybe before we head up there I will post again to In Case You Missed It with a recap of why BHO and Michello are the wrongest, the most dangerous choice for our future and our children’s future we could possibly make.  Oh, dear God, have Your Way and help us live with B&M if You need to hasten our nation’s demise for Your purposes because they will.

Until then, I’m taking a bit of a break from what is in God’s hands.  We’re going up north to see the grandsons……and their parents, of course!!  It’s Honey’s big 6-0 and all he wanted was to hunt pheasant with the son.  So off we go at 4am Thursday.  I may post, I may not.  I may keep track of Rush and Hannity, I may not.  Kids take priority when they live a thousand away.

More good news.  The Seattle kids are coming for Christmas.  The way fuel prices were going, air fare was a nail biter for a while, but they finally found a good deal.

Man, that fire smells good and is so relaxing.  I wanted to stay up for Boston Legal but may have to crash and save tonight’s episode for reruns.  Psst, hey kids……. season 1 is on the Christmas list.


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