The daughter had just completed her first gruelling year of college.  Having breezed through high school, she had to buckle down and study the hard stuff.  After long hours and sacrifice, she achieved a final A- average and was very proud.  So was daddy when she came home and proudly announced her accomplishments.

Along with the excellent grades, the daughter reported to daddy that she had joined the ACLU. She believed it was the responsibility of every good citizen to help lift up the helpless and downtrodden.

At dinner, daddy asked about her best friend who attended the same college.  The daughter reported that her girlfriend got off to a good start but was more and more attracted to the party circuit, started missing classes, turning in poor quality work and ended up with a failing grade point average.  She promised to do better when questioned and intends to return and pursue her degree.

Daddy waited for a while and finally suggested that in order to assure that the girlfriend was enrolled the next year and receive all the help the responsible students could give her, he suggested that his daughter should determine the difference between her grade points and her girlfriend’s points and average them.

“You can sacrifice for your fellow student, can’t you?  She needs your help.”

The daughter’s eyes widened and her face turned red. “Are you kidding me? I worked hard for my grades! I stayed up late, I was exhausted! I didn’t miss one class and all my work was mine with no help from anyone.  All she did was party, party, party.  What did she do to ………..”

“How about this?  Find some time to sit with your friend.  Help her learn study skills, fill up some of her party time in the library or a coffee shop.  Kind of a reformation process,” suggested Daddy.

“I can see that.  Then she can earn her own grades without taking mine. That can work.”

Daddy smiled, put down his napkin, and gently said, “Welcome to the core conservative movement.”

One thought on “Sharing

  1. I wish the daughter would have helped me back when I was in college. I majored in cards and parties. A’s in both. Much lower grades in the other stuff.


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