from the pulpit, as is proper

He looks you in the eye and calls sin for what it is, sin — and it’s wrong.  It’s disobedience against God all the way from sneaking a forbidden cookie to the degradation of sex without marriage to the shedding of innocents’ blood.  That last one was today’s broadcast.

His vocal style is old school, no nonsense, Texan and authoritative.  So if you happen to come across his broadcasts and are unaccustomed to his style, hold your nose and listen.  The title of the series is Vote the Bible.  He explains what’s important in this election, why, and backs it up with scripture.  I do hope the scripture is a good enough source of authority and truth for you.

To start, the Bible teaches that life and spirit are in the blood.  An embryo has its own bloodstream and heartbeat by four weeks gestation. Levitical law declares that if two men are fighting and inadvertently harm a pregnant woman and she miscarries, the man responsible for that harm is executed.  Pastor Hagee more than suggested that every doctor who has performed an abortion and every nurse who assisted will face the God of the universe on judgment day.  What will be their defense?  When Jesus tells you what you did for the least of these, will it matter that you voted for a man on the grounds of the economy or taxing the rich, a man who voted on the side of infanticide for babies who survived a botched abortion? “Well, Jesus, the rich ruined my 401k and this guy promised to punish them.”

God values the lives of the unborn.  God considers Himself to be your 401k.  Don’t insult Him. There are numerous scriptures regarding His concerns for unborn life, notably Psalm 139, and I trust you to google the rest for yourself or do the old fashioned thing by picking up a Bible in quiet non-electronic time.

On a practical, secular note, the practice that has executed more than 40 million people since 1973, and that’s just the abortions that are reported, is the elimination of taxpayers that would have held up the Social Security System for the post WWII baby boomers and beyond.

Preaching the immorality of abortion and relating that immorality to this critical election is proper.  It is not politics.  It is not a threat to our precious tax exemption.  Are we really afraid to speak out so we don’t have to pay taxes?  (Actually I think we as congregations and individuals don’t mention killing babies through abortions because we don’t want to make anyone angry.) It is not the clashing of church and state, which by the way is nowhere in the constitution, only in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson and refers to the state not interfering with religion, not the other way around.  It is, indeed, proper to preach from the pulpit what God has to say about an issue that has been kidnapped by politics.  Oh, and please note that 1/2 of 1% of all the abortions were the result of incest and/or rape.  Abortions to save the life of the mother are mostly tubal pregnancies, and less than 1/2 of 1% are in the womb.  That says that 99.9% are by request.

It was a 40 minute sermon segment I listened to today so it is not practical to list more detail here.  If you’re interested, here’s the link to buy the DVD or CD.  Other than that, flip your remote to Daystar or Angel until you find John Hagee.

He ended with this from the pulpit, leaned forward, pointed directly into the camera lens, and sternfaced, said, “Don’t you dare vote for anyone who is pro-choice.” For you, if you lean toward Obama for any other reason, will automatically, knowing his record, having read this, side with the doctor who has the blood of innocents on his hands.


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