Liar, liar, pants of fire, Joe — at least 14 of them

I detected them as he — what’s the new term? “Mis-spoke”?  He lied, Virginia.  And Sarah called him on at least some of them. What caused me to declare the mission a yawner was first, my fatigue so late in the evening, and second, my unfulfilled hope that Sarah wouldn’t be quite so soft spoken and polite, that she might adopt some of the intensity Biden used to lie.

It’s a given that the ‘Bamabats in the mainstream media wouldn’t give an inch that Palin had any credibility after Couric’s rubber stamp interrogation.  But what they really hate is that what they call the alternative media, conservative talk radio and half of the programming on Foxnews, are paying attention.

For tonight, I’m ready to throw in a Netflix after TBN’s report on finding Noah’s ark.  Tomorrow I’ll find the sources and sound bites showing Biden to be the typical old line, 30 year jaded Washingtonian.  So much for change, change, change.

I will also cover that idiot YouTube of the Baby Brown Shirts being brainwashed with that “yes, we can, can, can” propaganda comparable to Chairman Mao’s tactics.

See ya!


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