Finally the weather broke.  The 90’s are over, and the AC is off.  Hooray for open windows, for cool natural fresh air, and lower electric bills for at least 2 months.  After that, it’s firewood, firewood, firewood.

We found no trace of kitty brothels or nurseries, no torn insulation under the house.  The flashlight lasted approximately 1 minute, really useful in case of power outage.  Reliable flashlights, plural, and oil lamps are on the shopping list.  Power goes out for no apparent reason in our corner of the world at any given time, like, yesterday for 2 hours in the middle of nothing noticable.

Gas jumped to a $4.49 and several signs boasted a single leap to $4.99.  Up a lot, down a little, and this time they’re blaming Ike.  Granted, the lines are stopped or reduced but the spike seem unjustified at the very least.  We’ll see in a week what the recovery is.  I estimate that until the rule benders get off their collective buns and open ANWR which has remained hurricane free for several years now, we won’t see under $3.50 a gallon for a very long time.  I hope I’m estimating high.

I’d also like to say I’m tackling the 2 1/2 foot stack of hot books but instead I’m trying to pump out the last half of the afghan and complete a baby blanket for display this Sunday.  We’re putting together a huge offering for latter November and I’m pretty sure blanket money is it.  If God has other ideas, I’m open.

So long, farewell for now.  Check in again. B’bye.


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