Bad kitties…bad

I am on record that I love cats, have owned cats, and intend on having at least one more in my house again.  I may be single by then or shortly afterward, but  Even so, I admit that the cat gang in the neighborhood have no specific owners if they ever did, are breeding like …. cats …. and are a nuisance.  Yes, I thought they were useful in taking care of the mice link in the food chain so that snakes would have less reason to sleuth for them anywhere near me.  Apparently that is the only upside, imaginary or real.  The gang colors seem to be charcoal and shades of charcoal.  They don’t stand still long enough for me to see their little do-rags or tattoos, but they do have a collective nasty attitude.

When Honey came home Thursday he said he saw our neighbor from across the street in the grocery store.  He reported that several of the neighbors have hosted cat brothels and maternity wards under their houses.  The cats have torn into the insulation for nests and sprayed territorial invitations. Various eviction methods have been employed including poison and guns, but there are so many cats multiplying so fast, the people are losing the battle.

Today’s weather is still in the high 80’s (is it Fall yet?), Ike’s backside is kicking up some serious wind gusts (Hey, behave yourself…I mean Ike, the hurricane..we know gassy people, but none named Ike) and we are charging the monster flashlight for a quick 10 minute investigation under our house since that’s how long the flashlight charge lasts at 1 million candlepower.

Honey and I exchanged emails Friday and decided that even if we didn’t have an existing problem under the house, we could start with odor granules around the property perimeter, progress to anti-freeze cuisine, and if that fails, climax with Tinnisseee tarr-gitt practice. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to watch Caddy Shack again for advanced pest control methods.  We’ll need floppy hats and have to practice talking like Bill Murray.

I still love cats and will get a Ragdoll someday.  These guys are nazis.

Honey’s done mowing, the flashlight is charged.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

BTW, In Case You Missed It, Zogby has a new poll on the life.


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