Palin banned books?

One of the books on her list she wanted banned was Harry Potter according to the latest hot email forwards.  Then she fired the librarian for not banning books!  (lie)

Go to for the whole scoop’o’poop.  P.S. the library incident was 1996.  Only 500 copies of J.K.Rowling’s first book in the series was published in the UK in 1997.  oops.

Tonight the viewing schedule is altered from the election blow by blow.  I have a few more details on In Case You Missed It if you want to keep up with the panic.  We are instead turning to Fringe, a new X-File genre combining the FBI, a mad scientist, his genius son, lies, conspiracies, secrets, and the token sexy blonde, a refreshing change from autopsies and more autopsies.  Opening scene: people in an airplane start to dissolve.  Cool.  So far, so good.

My health seems to be restored to my version of normal.  It seems others around the company were out with the varying combinations of my symptoms.  “Something in the water” was all we could come up with.  So long as we don’t dissolve en masse, I’m comfortable.

I have started an afghan, red, non-baby.  If I stop typing I may be able to make headway on it.  See ya.

Post script–I accomplished the four row border to one panel, realized my error 6 rows ago, said “oops,” unraveled them and have started the do-over.  So it goes.


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