Be not weary

Still weary and achy and sitting.  If this keeps up during the week, I promise I will ………. fergit it.  I don’t have an office visit copay and the doctor I was seeing charges $135 to walk in the door. I’m supposed to sit there and say “I don’t feel good. I’m tired,” undergo process of elimination tests only to hear “it’s probably a virus that’s going around”? Pray this Draggin’ Bug flies away on its own.

I laid in bed this morning drifting in and out of doze listening to Honey quietly putting together the cookies I made last night and his potato dish, heading off to the big Tailgate Sunday House Building and Food Fest.  He showed me his team builder’s packet of instructions.  ‘Tis a mighty and exciting community project well executed.

I could have gone to the party and sat in a chair.  What’s the point in that?  Instead, I caught John Hagee and Voice of Israel.  They’re both on the side bar for the Curious George in you.  I like Hagee.  He gets a lot of flack because of his style and his no nonsense obedience and calling sin sin messages, unlike the feel good guys who don’t want to upset you.  You tune in to his sermons, get past his vocal style, and you get the Word of God in no uncertain terms.  Joyce Meyer is his softer side and she serves spinach sermons!  Be not weary of the Word even if it makes you squirm.  Since when is God not a God of judgment and justice as well as love.  His judgment and justice applies to those who disobey and refuse His love.  We need the whole sandwich.

Be not weary of the election process before it’s done.  Do you quit before the finish line? Do you search for the perfect job and cancel the interview?  Do you quit studying knowing there’s a test? This particular election is an epic east/west decision.  One way will take us down into socialism that worked so well for Russia, the other will link to continued prosperity longer.  The rhetoric you find so distasteful and tiring is what most voters are taking as the truths on which they base their votes.  Too many vote for the cutest one.

If you want an argument, see line one.  I’m in a viral mode and in no mood right this minute.  Check out my satellite blog devoted to this election season, In Case You Missed It. Another one I’ve started is Burning Books, a series of reviews on hot books, politically and prophetically based, the first being Fleeced (in the political column) by Dick Morris.  The shelf is loaded.

To say you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion lets too many corrupt career politicians continue to rule our lives and too many people die without Jesus.  If you stick with the weather and your health as Miss Manners insists, you will be popular with the world.  If memory serves, Jesus said this could be a problem with Him.


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