Crashed on the sofa

A couple of weeks ago I went home puny.  Easy recovery, nothing serious, but not faking either.  Being a night owl, it’s hard to get up in the mornings.  I don’t know if my body is DNA programmed or just habitually goes into my most restful sleep mode an hour or so before the alarm or what.  I’ve always come alive about 10pm and I stay up until 11:00 or 11:30, once again and every day since my youth dragging out about an hour earlier than I want to.  When I had babies, I counted 6:30am as one of the night feedings. Oh, well, such is life in the slow lane.  A little coffee and off I go.

Not this week.  Yesterday I almost went home crummy about 4 times but decided as long as I was sitting there anyway I may as well keep going.  I watched McCain’s speech last night as a matter of witnessing the whole thing first hand instead of finding the transcript online and never reading it.  I missed the men walking on the moon and I missed the 1980 Olympic hockey team beat the Soviets.  So before we go socialist ourselves I wanted to see and hear for myself possibly the last patriot presidential candidate launched into this decisive campaign for our country.  (Three guesses who I support.  Go to In Case You MIssed It or on my sidebar for my ongoing report of the final election process, commentaries, news bites, references, opinion, etc.)

The convention ended about the same time, I wasn’t all that adreniline pumped — his wasn’t a pep talk like Rudy’s–but was appropriate and inspiring, so getting to sleep was no problem.  Waking up at 2:41 was a problem when I didn’t go back to even a snooze level before 5:50.  I got up the usual time, had a half cup coffee and thought I was ok until I stood up.

Something’s going on.  Every muscle and tendon shoots pain, the head is out of balance, the stomach protests any hunger signals from the brain, it’s 20 minutes from normal departure time …….. I give up.

Calling in crashed.


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