AND she’s a hockey mom!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see this particular woman on the ticket. I was made aware months ago through interviews with Newt Gingrich that the governor of Alaska was a good choice and that McCain should consider her.  I can’t remember all the details I’ve been hearing today but I do remember knowing that she and most of the state of Alaska approved of drilling in ANWR.  If the locals think it’s a good idea, shouldn’t Washington consider their collective opinion?

Am I disappointed that Hillary was passed over? My only reasons for wishing she were the nominee is that 1. there’s so much delicious dirt on her to shoot at and 2. her 3am phone calls would be Bill needing a ride home from the station again.

As Honey was heading out the door for work, we were speculating on McCain’s Veep options.  He is, after all, a self-proclaimed maverick, has agreed with Bush on precisely 14 of weightiest 31 bills, 7 of which were unanimous across party lines.  That comes to a 45% support of his party’s president, a figure vastly lower than Obama’s phony declaration of 90% in his more-of-the-same statement in front of his temple facade created by Brittany Spears’ production man.  (Who’s not a an American Idol candidate?)

“Well, he was tossing around Lieberman’s name and Tom Ridge is pro-choice.  We’ve seen the level of talent Republicans have of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory before.  He could be ready to stick the thumb in the conservative eye yet again.”

That’s why I almost leaped onto the edge of the cubie when McCain announced a

  • conservative
  • pro-life
  • blue collar
  • experienced in executive decision making
  • tax cutting
  • proponent of drilling

If the significance of that last one escapes you, stay tuned.

Shouting hope doesn’t make it happen.  For the first time in months, I’m thinking someone is doing something right giving me a modicum of hope in man.  It remains to be seen what the Chicago Force is going to do.


3 thoughts on “AND she’s a hockey mom!

  1. I’m actually quite excited, too. I guess my reservation is because of my “mother bear” tendencies when it comes to the Princess.

    All will be well. . . I’ve not been this excited to vote . . . well, ever!

  2. Actually, I wept when I read that Sarah had been picked. Think about it! A women named Sarah. A woman of promise. Wow! It blew me away.

  3. Angie, based on the reports of her 20 year schedule, my optimism rests in the assumption that she and Todd had a family conference to discuss each willing family member’s responsibilities before she said yes.

    Larry, I too think this was a brilliant choice. As for her name, let’s hope she doesn’t hire a housekeeper named Hagar.

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