Almost Monday

I did manage to wipe down the kitchen counters, ran a load of clothes, and the dishwasher.  The sit down project was to keep working on Aletha’s baby blanket.  She was in church against doctor’s orders to stay home with her feet up this last 30 days or hopefully less.  The poor girl is more than pregnant, she is swollen.  She’s carrying her first like I carried my second, puffed from hairline to toenails. In your heart you always want babies to wait the full term designed by God as the last 4 weeks the baby puts on it’s final weight at a rate of 8-12 oz per week and the last 2 weeks are theoretically dedicated to those last brain cells.  It is also during this time, the waddling, marshmallow of a mother can’t help but pray for a small bundle of joy with ambition, thank You just the same.  She’ll make it just fine.  Her support team is experienced, empathetic, skilled, and the medical community is more knowledgable than ever before.  We are not delivering on wagon trains anymore.

All that said, I am halfway around the 9th of 12 rounds on the border of a pretty lacy white blanket.  Plus, she said she loved rainbows.  We’ll see how the creative juices go this week to make rainbows of yarn.  Her baby will be making rainbows over the crib soon enough.

Honey is stalled in Boston.  The trade show went very well, ending shortly after noon today.  His flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. He took his time packing and labeling the radios, etc. for shipment back to the company, and is hanging out at the hotel with the two books he took, Banished and The Marketing of Evil, to be finished and started respectively.

It just occurred to me that when we were young, I was the one with my nose in one book after another.  I don’t think Honey read anything but his QST radio magazine for the first 25 years I knew him.  The tables have turned and while he’s developed an interest in several genres, I currently have about 15 books stacked and waiting for me but need to get this blanket done first, and organize pictures for scanning, print out genealogy records, post to our new baby business for cabinets and speakers so far, and launch a satellite blog to study the Word and one dedicated to book reviews.  Can I quit work yet?

The evening winds down.  The dryer is off and won’t buzz me 10 minutes into the dozing off process, Honey’s phone is off to save minutes I presume, nothing is on television.  The networks are assuming people actually want to continue to watch the Olympics for however many days straight.

Back to the blanket or ………. do we have any popcorn in the house?  Hang in there, Aletha.  I’ll let you know when to download.

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