My 40th

Today marks my 40th birthday as a born again Christian.  I’ve discussed the morning I gave up my independence and handed the rest of my life over to the savior of mankind.  Sometimes I actually do make good choices.

What can I say of my accomplishments?  Did you catch that faux paux?  “My” accomplishments?  I’m a slow learner.

How long do we want this post?  You will fall asleep if I list my failures.  It ends quickly with a list of successes.  Honestly, I don’t know who I’ve led to the Lord, exactly what my gift(s) is/are, if my choices produced much more than slogging through.  I do know I managed to produce two wonderful children.  If I had it to do over, if I was allowed a do-over, I would have to go back only as far as after the birth of my children to make sure I didn’t goof up and not make them again.

As things are tonight, August 18, 2008, this very evening at 9:50pm EDT, during the last 5 minutes of Hannity & Colmes, the issue of abortion is rising to the surface of the 2008 election. The liberals throw themselves on the ground, pounding the earth, ranting that this was settled by the supreme court, why do we have to address it again?  AARRRGH!!

Because it’s still wrong, it’s still murder, it’s still a stench in God’s nostrils, He’s up to here with it, He still weeps over the dismemberment of His innocent creation, an action BHO says the specificity of which is above his pay grade, an action that is just okie-dokie with him, according to his continued record.

How fascinating that when I entered into the Kingdom the morning of August 18, 1968, that those who would legalize the murders of 38,010,000 Americans (and counting at 4,000 per week) were weaving their web and setting their stage.  A few short years later, Roe v. Wade opened the blood gate.

I was outraged then, I am even more outraged with increased scientific details.  I haven’t changed my mind on the right and wrong of it.  I never will.  If those 38 million potential taxpayers had not been invaded and killed in the safety of the womb, calculate the taxes available to pay for the therapy for the rape and incest victims who were told they had the right to eliminate the innocent child within them.  Think of the number of government funded adoption agencies instead of my taxes going to Planned Parenthood (an oxymoron) chop houses?

“Fetal tissue,” my foot.

I have a vision of facing Jesus when we’re caught up in the air as described in scripture.  He is judging my works, He’s looking into my eyes, and asks “Did you feed my sheep?  Did you defend the innocent?”  I want to say yes.  I can’t say yes if I voted for anyone I knew to be pro-abortion.  No one can say yes if they vote for someone knowing their stand on abortion.

The 38 million — and counting —  children are in Paradise.  When I cross that crystal river and those children ask me what I did for them, how do I justify my vote for a man who voted to let mutilated babies who survived a botched abortion lay in a waste can and die in their agony?  Do I say I was concerned about the economy? Change? Hope? World opinion? Social programs?

Are you flyin’ flip kidding me? No to the enth.  Babies trump.

A woman, Mary, called in to the local talk show this afternoon.  She said she went through nurse’s training back in the 70’s shortly after abortion was legalized.  In order to be licensed, she had to put in X hours in an abortion clinic.  The standard was at 12 to 14 weeks.  Click here to see an amazing  image of a 12 week child.  Mary didn’t have to participate if she didn’t want to, but she had to observe the procedures for course credit.  She said the suction had to be strong enough to tear the baby into pieces, legs first, then arms, the torso from the head, and finally, crush the head.  The pieces were shot into a solution of burning saline.  Most times the heart was still beating.  Babies.  She is in her 50’s but will never be rid of the images.

We are to vote responsibly according to the Bible for candidates who will support Biblical principles of life, liberty, and compassion, or we don’t vote. They aren’t candidates for sainthood.  They do need to stand for what’s right and good.  Don’t like McCain?  He’s part democrat, but his saving grace for me is his proven record of support for life and pledge to promote it.  When there isn’t a candidate who fights to save the innocent, I don’t vote.

After 40 years, not much has changed in all the chaos, ups, down, mistakes, and failures of my adult life.  What is consistent in my life is my unchanged opinion on the destruction of our young.  If I am credited throughout eternity with no other righteousness than that one point, if there is only one lonely stone in my crown for the babies, at the very least, I stand vindicated in the company of the innocent.


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