While Rome burns, the media fiddles away our time

The press is slobbering over B. Hussein Obama’s endless photo op and We-Are-The-World speechifications. It’s all over NBarakC, CBarakS, and ABarakC and balanced only by radio talkers.  Notice I put one group on one side, where they want to be, and the other in a balance category where they have to be beforel Nancy Pelosi and BHO shut them up on January 22 in the name of fairness.

In the meantime, back in the real world where the journalists who shape the news are not going, illegal immigrants continue to march in droves straight into our welfare and social security systems, not theirs, systematically burglarizing our country, dropping babies left and right.  Congress with its 91% You Suck rating imprisons a bill that would stop the Fairness Doctrine (which is anything but fair) forever and blocks any bill to do anything to lower gas prices while simultaneously proposing an increase to the gas tax.  You think they’re stopping there?

While they’re burning the Bill of Rights, they’re also, among other things, enacting a way to take your children.  We needn’t have bothered over the Cold War with the USSR.  They’re doing what they planned to do anyway — turn us into a socialist nation inch by propagandized inch, willingly assisted by the environmentalists, unions, climate change lemmings, and the press.  My dad was so right.

My television is in the off mode for two reasons — saving electricity and saving my sanity.


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