Faster and faster

Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer to the end, the faster it spins.

Fridays are coming at me faster than ever and the weekends faster than that.  As usual I have a boatload of things to do and look up.  There’s always something to clean and someone to contact.  The biggest deal this weekend is the assembly of the pergola or arbor type thing on the front deck.  It will not be the cookie cutter porch roof we see in the neighborhood, but a solid, decorative piece that will shade the front door in style.  It will be an open lattice roof for full ventilation of heat, so it’s main function is shade and decoration.  I will be picking up hanging plants for the street side to give it more of a garden appearance.

(camera, camera, where’s the camera? not the car, the cluttered and disorganized pseudo-office, not in the purses in the closet — where’s the ca—- oh, there it is)  I took a before shot and tomorrow and when it’s finished will take the after.  I don’t want to make solid promises until it’s done.  It’s 90 degrees now and expected to remain so throughout the weekend.

It’s 7:45 and Honey just got home after a 9 hour day, a trip to Lowe’s, a stop at Kroger and then Home Depot.  He’s tired, crabby and hungry.  Time to sit with feet …. up.  And a movie.


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