You can’t eat your way out of hungry!

That makes no more sense than “you can’t drill your way out of the gas crisis.” The other mantra talking point rant is “drilling won’t bring down the price of gasoline tomorrow.” Technically, mostly true. It could take as much as 2 months. The rest of that truth is that if all of congress, senate, executive, and media said “we’re going to search out every possible source of domestic energy we can think of starting now, with an ultimate goal of total independence” we’d put the Saudis on notice and they would immediately capitulate on prices and supply.

What’s in it for Saudi Arabia if we don’t need them anymore? Nothing! For starters, they wouldn’t have us face down over their oil barrels when it comes to what we as an armed force will and won’t tolerate. For instance, we could say we won’t tolerate 19 or any number of their trained terrorists flying into any more buildings. A bigger punch is that we won’t be sending them $billions in cash, more money than we’re spending on keeping terror at bay in Iraq. I think that last one would speak louder than the terrorism point. After all, the sweet deal they struck with us to allow them to establish unlimited Islamic K-12 schools on US soil has created a potential domestic terror base we don’t want to think about. In case you’re puzzled, look up the school in Virginia our government has investigated, threatened to shut down, but won’t because (see above reference to position over oil barrel).

I had a recent conversation with a left leaner. I expressed concern for those in Nebraska who live at least 30 miles from everywhere. For a political group who is supposed to bleed for the underdog, she instead said, “They should have thought of that before they lived in Nebraska.” There’s no response to that. I had another conversation with someone who’s spent time in Europe. “So now you’re finally catching up. They pay almost $10 a gallon now.” And his point?? There’s no public transit where I live! There’s no bike trails or sidewalks! What happened to diversity??

What a grand pity that our livelihood, our commerce, the means by which our food is placed on the table is being vilified by a lie. That incomprehensible lie is that man’s use of fossil fuels and use of the resources such as renewable forestry, and of course, farts!! is ruining the planet, that people themselves (uh, God’s special creation??) are responsible. What a shame, a dangerous shame, that making every effort to remain strong and becoming oil independent has become a politically partisan issue. Thank you Algore for casting the tie breaking vote that we should burn our FOOD for fuel when it’s proven that ethanol pollutes more than gasoline, takes more effort and costs more to come to the pump. Thank you Bill Clinton for vetoing the decision to drill in ANWR in 1995. The reason was that it would take at least 13 years to see the benefit. That would be now.

So if that’s a valid argument, why go to college when it would be a good 4-8 years to see the benefits? Why make a baby when it would be a good 26 years and high costs before the child contributes to society with taxes for redistribution to welfare recipients? Why set standards for the auto industry (aren’t they private enterprise??) 10 years ahead —- oops, pardon me. That’s a good thing because it puts clamps on an evil corporation for the sake of the plaaaaanet.

LBJ punched a hole in the Social Security boat and it’s been dribbling effectively enough to leave our boat dry docked in 5 years. Two jobs, one trip to church on Sunday and another when choir resumes totals over 1800 miles a month. I won’t give up church. Do the math. We’re a matter of months away from 60. We won’t have enough to pay for traveling to see our family unless………

The people who have been blocking progress and simultaneously designing the demise of our strength as a nation listen to the people and start drilling yesterday. P.S. The current leases don’t have oil, but we’ve found more oil under North Dakota. Combined with shale, discoveries off the Florida coast, and ANWR, we have more oil than Saudi Arabia. We know how to tap it without bothering a single spotted owl or snail darter. Let’s make this a non-issue, drill, build refineries, and tell the Saudis to feel free to sell to China, Russia, and India. Oh, and by the way, don’t be sending anymore planes into our buildings or teaching kids to hate us. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “You can’t eat your way out of hungry!

  1. Bravo!
    You are brilliant!

    Don’t you want to ask those left leaners if they want us to win the war, and what they would do differently if they wanted us to loose it?

    Where is the party that ought to be making hay on this stupidity?

  2. Marie, not only is Marie my middle name but you are my NBF. Any brilliance is sourced from talk radio that I listen to all day.

    The left leaners have no answers, only criticism. A first response might be the illegality of an invasion that isn’t a war and leaving is not losing.

    We don’t have a party, we have John McCain. Any haymaking is perceived as hate speech and racism.

    We do have God, His promises, His prophecy, and His assurance that He is in charge. I wish He’d clue us in on a timetable of sorts but He doesn’t work that way. We just have to fight the fight for the right where and whenever we can and trust Him and His Word.

  3. After all, the sweet deal they struck with us to allow them to establish unlimited Islamic K-12 schools on US soil has created a potential domestic terror base
    before the child contributes to society with taxes for redistribution to welfare.
    Oh, and by the way, don’t be sending anymore planes into our buildings or teaching kids to hate us. Thanks.DO THEY ALL DO THAT?l

  4. Dear Dummidumbwit,
    It’s simple numbers. If they attempt to educate 1000 children for 13 straight years to hate America and only 200 swallow it whole and truly hate American and dedicate their lives to the destruction of our citizens, that a lot of bloodshed.

    I fail to see logic in the continuing disclaimer of “not all Muslims are terrorists.” Let’s call that an assumtion–something we all know already. One death of at the hand of one brainwashed madrasa student killing at will as the result of hate training is one death too many and beyond tolerance.

    But, for the record, if you absolutely have to see it in print, “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorists involved in 9/11 were Muslims.” There. Happy now? Another thing I want to know is why the peaceful Muslims who don’t want to kill anyone don’t protest the radical terrorist activity? I think I know why. 80% of those peaceful Muslims wouldn’t really mind that all that much if the radicals kill any number of infidels PLUS they might actually be threatened if they stand up for that same infidel so they remain silent.

    Also for the record, if I earn $1000 I would like to bank no less than that thousand that I and not they, the entitled, earned and volunteer out of the goodness of my heart what I will donate to the hopeless and helpless of my choosing, not generic long term check collectors with cell phones and flat screens purchased with welfare money. I absolutely do not want any bleeding heart liberal yanking it from me. I am a giver and I want to choose to whom I give. THAT’s freedom! Left alone, free from tyrannical governmental theft, it works.

  5. That is the basic dispute in politics, the function of Government in society.I wish religion would clarify it, but it can work both ways. So we beg to differ?

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