DNA dead end

Honey>Herb>Wesley>George>Orlando>George>Jesse. Virtually every source for 50 years has declared George’s father was Jesse who married Rebecca Howard whose line went back into English nobility and through the London Tower 3 generations in a row, 2 of which lost contact with their heads. Great story! Nothing to do with us after the DNA project showed that George and Jesse could not possibly be related. Worse, if Jesse isn’t his father, Chief Red Bird isn’t his grandfather. George lived with Jesse, his name was listed with Jesse’s sons on tax rolls, a son of Jesse transferred inherited land to George — all the markers from the available documents indicated sonship but the DNA markers. Markers! He wasn’t in the same haplogroup (that’s genetics lingo for “look it up in the sidebar and explain it to me if you can, I can’t”).

However, although he isn’t descended from that particular Cherokee chief, he is documented to have said he was half Indian so…….. which one and which tribe ……. most likely Cherokee as well since the native American markers A, B, C, or D, those that indicate migration from Asia across the Bering Straights, were not present in George’s two known descendents and Cherokees don’t have any of those four markers either.

I am so bummed. Neither have I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. Much of the bum factor is that I have to delete a bunch of names from the tree after I had such fun logging them in. It’s pure vanity, I know that!

So all you Brocks can still tell all your friends that the high probability of Cherokee heritage still explains the nose. The difference is that George’s Cherokee(s) in question isn’t a particular known chief. That means George is a dead end until someone else besides me with the means and the time finds evidence of something specific. (sigh)

One glimmer in the DNA analysis is an indication that George was related through a woman. Mother? Sister? So many possibilities come to mind, none of which are provable or findable.

Other news around the ranch is we’re still working on the front shade, for various reasons I’m probably not going to get the master bedroom or spare room or dining room or living room repainted before the kids come in August, I’ve been exercising 4 days a week since March and haven’t lost inch one, but the good news is I cut about an inch of fuzzy ends off my hair tonight by myself -!!- and it looks really good….tonight, always at night, never in a hurry getting ready for work.

For now, I need to stretch out, consult God about some things and see if I can sleep.

Hey, they’re doing a heart transplant on TV. Cool.

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