It’s What Happens When The Preacher Leaves Town

by Stan Brock, (guest)

There are some things in life a person needs to write about. The gospel writers must have said this over and over as they themselves experienced the miracles of Jesus and the wonders of his love.

I’ve said it so many times to my Wife and friends concerning my need to be in church every week. Why? Because if I’m not, I’m afraid I’ll miss some great event in the life of God’s children. Sort of like a remarkable mystery unfolding in front of us. Skip a few pages and I need to go back to catch up on the plot. Today was one of those days I would not have missed for all the Tea in China.

Many of the key staff members of our church were either on vacation or attending the North American Christian Convention. It was our Sunday to have one service, a guest speaker, and a multitude of wonderful Christian individuals who stepped up to the plate and made our worship experience, well, something to write home about.

At the end of Glen’s message, and as is typical in a Christian church, an alter call was made. Anyone wishing to accept Jesus into their lives could come forward. For anyone needing prayer or anyone wishing to place membership with our church family. A young man named Craig came forward. A handsome young man. A man who held sheets of paper with writing. “Oh Boy”, I thought, “This guy’s got so many issues he wrote them all down.” “We could be here for a while”, I surmised. Oh Well……

Craig began to speak and in just a few moments I was captivated. He told a story about how he met a beautiful young lady named Holly. He told the story about how he always refused to date someone so close because of his profession. After meeting Holly, well, his world turned upside down and his own rules would be broken. He told the story about how he met Holly’s parents and then the tears began to flow. He told us how Holly traveled and finally came back to Tennessee and his voice became weak and more tears fell. You could tell Craig’s carefully drafted text was not being followed. I waited for the other shoe to drop. Could Holly have died? Did she come down with some dreaded disease and need prayer from the elders? What could this mean?

In an instant Craig looked into the congregation and motioned for a young lady named Holly to come forward. I watched as this beautiful young lady came past my chair and stood next to Craig. What happened next is why I never want to miss a service. Behind the tears, Craig bent down on one knee, opened a tiny box holding a ring, and asked the love of his life to become his wife. In front of four hundred or more witnesses I experienced what Jesus professed was the greatest of all commandments, to love. I don’t remember if we all stood and cheered but uncontrolled joy and laughter filled my heart.

Was God in the house today? You bet, and we didn’t even need a preacher.


3 thoughts on “It’s What Happens When The Preacher Leaves Town

  1. Awwwwww…how sweet!

    I missed church. Unfortunately, overslept.
    Michael (hubby) had to be taken to the ER night before last. His blood pressure was 220/140. ACK! It’s been a whirlwind, and I guess I was exhausted. Woke up at 9:15 and knew there was no way I was going to get out of the house in 20 minutes (we’re about 30 minutes away).

    We’ll see you next week!


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