The last line in the previous post is “if the watchman on the wall does not warn the people of the danger approaching, the watchman is responsible for the destruction.”

Apply locally. If a parent sees a hungry predator approaching her child and makes no effort to stop the predator or warn the child, …………

I know people who are tired or scornful or in denial of hearing that Jesus is coming soon. What if their definition of “soon” is longer than His? Their problem isn’t Jesus, their problem is the trouble, the end times, the horrors of the tribulations that come immediately before Jesus. Christians continue to argue if we experience any part of the tribulation. What I want to know is what makes us think it won’t be really bad in terms of persecution before the anti-christ steps out, before the tribulation starts, when it’s the worst ever in human history? No, no, no. Don’t want to address it. To do so would add an uncomfortable level of urgency to witnessing, a high risk of derision and ridicule.

He’s coming soon.

He said “soon,” in the red ink for the KJV among us, approximately 2000 years ago. The time that’s passed has no bearing on the credibility of the statement or the balance of time until He comes. It will continue to be the biggest surprise ever. His clues included one that stands out to me. He’s coming for those who watch for Him even if they die of old age first. He mentioned it then so that the last generation will be on their toes — every generation thought they were the last, watching, waiting, hoping. He wants even those on their death beds to live in hope of His return. To say it’s not going to happen because it hasn’t happened is foolish. Don’t forget the vulnerability of the one with his head in the sand.

Dad was a watchman. I watch. I study. I listen to the scholars and prophets. I have books on the signs.

“Pfft. That’s so far off! A good twenty years!!” And the last 20 years went by how fast? Your grandchild is learning to crawl soon, he’ll be in college then. Do you care if he’s blindsided by a situation he won’t be prepared for because you didn’t give the subject enough cred to mention it, or worse, put your own cynical spin on it essentially dismissing it?

Maybe He’ll come before I have to drag out of a comfy bed one more morning and do one more 30 minute workout to burn one more single lousy fat cell. I just won’t care what’s left behind in my house. Hopefully, prayerfully, it won’t be a loved one who will sort through it.

Watching is not obsession nor does He want us standing on a hilltop doing nothing but waiting. He told us to occupy until He comes. But, He is coming for those who are in a watch mode, so what if some are not? Will they be at the wedding feast when they don’t have a clue what in the world kind of wedding feast we’re talking about? I don’t know. If you read the parable of the 10 virgins, maybe you’ll see that all 10 were expected at the wedding, were invited and even dressed for the occasion, but the 5 who hadn’t prepared were left out. They weren’t exiled. They just weren’t at the celebration.

I just don’t know.


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