Recap the week

Ripped a nail. I can see part of the point of separation through the fake nail. After washing the dust off all the crystal and china I’d had to remove to keep it safe from moving the cabinet into then out of the spare room, I expect it to fall off soon. I’ll soak the wounded nail in hydrogen peroxide and slap a new faker on it.

The tomatoes look pretty ugly. Mother is muttering something like “you think you raise ’em right and look what they do.” Sorry Mom.

I found copies online of original church records of Cherokee Baptist listing Wm Murphy and the flock two of whom were Lucy black woman of Joseph Hunter and Rutha of color. It was a part of life then. What makes me proud is that William’s son John who became a minister at the age of 49 soon lost his pulpit because he preached against slavery. You go Preacher John!! Later, his son John Jr. preached against the Mormons. Do we see a pattern here?

Honey went to the shop today to get a big start on the pergola for the front porch. It’s going to be impressive. I saw the cedar wrapped posts today only because as I headed out the door to go to the closer Wal Mart I realized I locked myself out and ended up at the shop to pick up his house keys. This was not necessary as we both came home within 30 seconds of each other.

Jaimie Swick, if you’re reading this, I have a hand crocheted baby blanket ready to wrap and send. Hopefully, your son will not be crawling by the time I get organized enough to actually send it.

Aletha, if you’re reading this, I started a blanket that you already know about so this is not spoiling a surprise but I don’t like it so I’m starting another pattern sometime next week. Please don’t download early.

We watched The Invisible on Wednesday. I’m not linking it because we didn’t relate all that well. Getting old. Thursday we watched the remake of Around the World in 80 Days. It was ok. Tonight we sat through a compelling and subtitled story of a Jewess in WWII who had to do what she had to do to survive called Black Book. Not linking that one either–high quality, well done, nudity and, uh, “progressive” language. The plot twisted and turned and not a few people had clothing ripped off or voluntarily removed it. “What’s the rating on this thing?” DIP. Don’t Invite Preacher.

Gas is holding at $3.80-something. It’s expected to rise. But, if the American people can scream loud and long enough to convince the same congressmen who’ve blocked drilling and refinement since Jimmy the Boob, many of whom are the same individuals now as then (can you say Sheets Byrd and The Swimmer) and have voted to put our food into gas tanks (thanks, Algore, deciding vote), to instead drill and drill now, and suspend the EPA bullcrap so that we don’t have to wade through their 9 years of red tape, we might then back the huggable Saudis into a corner effectively enough to force their prices down and increase the supply more than we could possible demand and lower the pump price. (Whew, long sentence.) Go here. Barack likes the higher price and is quoted as saying he’s surprised it went up so fast. What a jerk. You want to be more like Europe? Fine. First, learn a second language, then shrink us to their size!! Let’s see how Barack’s commute fares in the middle of Nebraska.

It’s late. Perry Stone and his daddy are talking prophecy. Interesting what daddy just said. “If you are the watchman on the wall and you do not warn your people of the coming danger, you are held responsible for the destruction.” wow.


One thought on “Recap the week

  1. Thanks a lot Aunt Jane. I appreciate the thought and the time spent. Minnesota has been absolutely gorgeous for the last month, despite the flooding south of us. My company is actually doing work for Meeker County presently, the men who are doing the work are commuting daily from the city, I think it would make a long day. Say Hi to Uncle Stan. Hope all is well in Tennessee.



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