We like the status quo

My dad taught me much. I disagreed with some of it regularly and consistently, but we continued to hash it out. Even after his death in 1992, his words come back to me and I realize he was right and I was wrong after all. Thanks, Dad.

We like it on earth. Our predecessors had a future, us. We want to grow old and see our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, and see hope in them. We want to retire the same way our parents and grandparents did. Life as we know it is familiar, comfortable, something we want the chance to improve. We can’t bear an ending even when it’s a transition. If we ignore the Jeremiahs, we don’t have to face that there are people we know and love who won’t make the positive transition with us, who are saved. We grab the remote and turn off the Jeremiahs. We label them fanatics. Click. Gone. My bubble remains unchallenged and unchanged.

We ignore the signs. We explain them away. We assign a spiritual connotation to prophetic scripture, creating intangibility. And that’s the people who claim to be Christians, people who claim they believe the Bible, at least most of it. We prefer denial. Denial doesn’t require a change of habit. Denial doesn’t demand preparation or communication. I’m ok, you’re ok. Live and let live. Mind your own business. Religion is a personal thing, not something to share unless someone asks. Then you find a place where someone won’t overhear and be offended.

“As it was in the days of Noah…” If the second coming of Christ was mentioned in the scriptures once, even just once in black ink, because I don’t have the insight to know which verses to black out as irrelevant or too obscure for the average person to understand, once is good enough for me. As an added bonus, Jesus Himself says He’s coming back and describes the scene. That’s in red letters. His words.

My dad introduced me to prophecy when I was middle school age, too young to handle things in today’s society. Give them a violent video game instead. It was very scary to me that so much could end, disappear, that many who insisted on denying Christ would die and go to hell. He and I would talkand talk, he would show me scripture, he would say he looked with excitement for the day when the Jesus would split the eastern sky and we would see Him coming to our rescue. Dad was straightforward. He spared little. He felt it was my right to be informed and prepared instead of sheltered. Sort of like showing someone how to defend himself and protect his family, for instance how to shoot a gun wisely instead of making a law against crime and hoping the criminals obeyed. God does not give information to us to scare us but to prepare us.

So if Jesus has to come to our rescue, and we continue in our prosperous USA comfortable lives, how does that make sense? Think of a hurricane warning. Satellites see them, radar tracks them. Meteorologists report them. You can turn on your television or boot up the computer and watch them in slow motion. People have time to board up the windows, pack a bag and evacuate. Think of a tornado. About the best they can do is tell you that this system has components that could produce a funnel and possible touchdown. Suddenly, many times at night, there’s a funnel roaring toward you and you haven’t been prepared. They told you it could happen but you wanted to see it first before you took it seriously. All you knew was that the system’s characteristics could produce one. How many times have the sirens gone off mere seconds before it struck? How many people had no place and no time to hide?

Two years ago, the economy was thriving due to the tax cuts like economies always do when taxes are cut. Our freedoms were in place even though the ACLU has been hammering at the door trying to distort and chip away at them, particularly freedom of speech only for selected groups that they decided were speaking hate toward homosexuals. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog post). Today we are a few votes away from repeating Jimmy Carter’s debacle of taxing windfall profits. BTW, it’s not a windfall when you work for it. The profit government makes on your ever rising taxes is windfall and they’re insatiable. When our history’s worst president did that in the late 70’s, the oil companies decided to sell overseas for their profit (since that’s why anybody is in business) creating long lines and lower supplies and the price of gas at the pump—-

tripled tripled tripled tripled tripled tripled!!!. Get that word through your head. The single act of taxing oil companies causes the price to rise higher. The really scary part is that people who were in congress and the senate then are still there and should have known better unless their primary purpose is to weaken the economy, eliminate the middle class, and making even more people dependent on a nanny government so they can stay in power. Just a thought.

I digress. The components of a possible tornadic economical storm are there and the combination will create a sudden and devastating storm with too little warning that will shut down our country. The proposed solutions will be part of that series of funnels.

Something has to and will happen to cause the Church to toughen up, muscle up, come together and stop squabbling about pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, No trib, NO RETURN at all, tongues, raising hands, saying amen, dancing, musical instruments or not, flip-flops in the sanctuary, supporting evangelists who need jet fuel plu$ in order to fund the orphanages and carry the gospel, dialoging with the gay community about whether their lifestyle is sin or not, and the list goes on.

C’mon people! The Holy Spirit is alive and well and needs to be allowed to work in the church and our lives. Don’t assume you know which verses can be safely blacked out, ignored, or postponed.

I’m not done. I don’t want to take the discussion into just this election although I firmly believe the (inevitable) second coming will be accelerated if the openly muslim sympathizer is elected. Taxes will be the initial rocket fuel. Our freedoms will be re-written, and yes, I do have a list of predictions to post but will do so on In Case You Missed it when I get that rolling.

We need to not only stop on the prophets words and listen when we’re flipping channels with one hand and dipping chips with the other. We need to check the listings with the remote in one hand and the other flipping pages in the Bible as we listen.

Dad, you had little money but you were a wealth of inspiration, support, knowledge, and foresight. You held firm, you passed the torch. I can see it took a lot of work. I hope I can measure up and carry on.


One thought on “We like the status quo

  1. K. P. Yohannan said:

    “All too often, we are willing to be ’students of Christianity’, rather than disciples of Christ. The fact is that most are substituting ‘learning’ and ‘information’ for practical obedience. Never in history has there been a society with so much ‘information’ about God, but so little real knowledge of the Holy One. Right doctrine without right living is worthless in the sight of God.”

    His words seem to fit your post and the attitudes of present-day America.

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