I feel sunburned

Honey did his duty at the rummage sale. He isn’t sure how it’s going to be cleaned up for services tomorrow but for my two cents worth, it wouldn’t bother me if the leftovers were left out for scavengers much like Mom’s Thanksgiving feast platters and bowls attracted those who would sit and nibble and talk away the afternoon while the men napped.

The sunshine prodded the temp up to 88 before noon. Honey escaped homeward only to continue with the back deck chores. He thoughtfully sprayed me with sunscreen. “Don’t waste it on my legs. They didn’t tan in hoeing Mom’s garden, they won’t turn color today.” While he bolted the planter box hangers onto the railing and secured the shepherd’s hook, I proceeded to stain the deck floor, a 36′ x 12′ expanse including the step down platform. Our breaks in the screened in 12×12 section were spent on how exactly to handle the shade treatment on the front deck.

“So do you want to put up the gazebo when this is shaded later?” “Oh, no, there are storms expected (thank God).” Still in the box, sitting on the platform in wet cardboard, we had to at least lift it off so we could let the platform dry and stain it. While we were moving the wet gazebo box, we unpacked it. “I don’t see the canvas top.” “Call Lowe’s.” “I’m going to raise something sky high if it’s sold separately.”

“No problem, ma’am. I’ll set it next to the Garden Center computer.” I appreciate his politeness but how does he know to call me ma’am?

We showered off the residual sunshine and headed for Lowe’s and gee, does my neck ache and my shoulders itch. Earlier Honey confirmed that my face was a shade of red not seen before but I had been wearing a hat so that had to be just the 90 degrees and heat stroke. After sitting in the AC under the fan long enough, my face resumed my standard pasty beige with a vague rosy glow spot ot two where I didn’t want them.

“Hey, what say we take in the new Indiana Jones flick too?” The canvas top was of course included as it is the whole purpose of the gazebo — shelter from sun and rain. We ate at The Diner, decked out in a malt shop 50’s theme, complete with red vinyl soda pop stools, black and white tile floor and a juke box. My hamburger and fries were perfect. All that was missing was the pony tail and poodle skirt. Oh, wait. The waitresses were wearing pony tails, poodle skirts and saddle shoes so the customers don’t have to.

Indiana Jones is still Indiana Jones. The story was not necessarily predictable, the action was as non-stop and unlikely as before, the bad guys bad, the good guys good, the oneliners charctaristic. The impact was made with the first three as was the Star Wars magic created in its first three. Pluses or minuses, I’ll add it to the collection some day.

Finally, I have confirmed that the shoulders and back have a candy cane color scheme. The spray said “sun screen” but it smelled of Coppertone. No massage this week!!


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