How does my garden grow?

It’s in God’s hands now. I bought the dirt, the seed, and the pots. I stuck the little critters in the dirt in the pots, poured water on the dirt, there you go and there you are. Y’all can grow now.

These are the upside down tomatoes. You can see the teeny tomatoes on them.

They’re in the spot where the bench was, an exercise in futility. My intention was a trellis affect but I never quite got the hanging plants and the vines thing going with it. It ended up a thing that provided little asthetic appeal, zero shade and ultimately a place to set the fire wood last winter. Gone. Honey said he’d put legs on the inverted bench seat for maybe flowers or something. We have projects stacked to the ceiling but if he wants flowers anywhere this looks like the way to go.

Those are radishes, planted a little thick. Oh, well. I know how to thin them out. The other round one has butterstick squash in it. Green beans are in the three window boxes.

We’re supposed to get stormed on this afternoon. I felt a few sprinkles when we were hanging the tomatoes but nothing more. It’s overcast and sporting a hefty little breeze, lowering yesterday’s high 80’s down to something we can open the windows for.

The gazebo is waiting in its wrappings. I’d like to be able to set up the frame or at least get started but I may have reached Honey’s 48 hour project saturation point. Additional options for the rest of the afternoon include laundry, 2 movies, fam/camming, or napping. Gazebo, nap. Gazebo, nap. Let me think.


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