Almost there

I am posting on the sick laptop which, if I can manage to talk into booting now and then, will become The Spare until such time as it expires for good.

I returned the Compaq. The peripheral web cam didn’t take. The printer was fatally rejected. Barely within the 14 day return window, I had to think fast. While Honey was picking up the replacement at Staples where they have helpful techies on staff now, I was getting the refund at Circuit City. I had called in and had them set aside the last Acer with cam, 3G, 15.4″ screen. I asked if it were possible to convert it from Vista to XP. Yes, for a mere $299. Instead, Honey’s IT techman at work volunteered to take off the Vista, install XP and anything else I need for a free lunch. Hey, that boy is getting dessert with that lunch. Since I couldn’t return the spyware and virus detection software, I can have it installed on the new new baby. It’s in its box on the dining room table where it will stay until Monday.

So with Baby in the box, I will keep myself busy with staining the deck and starting a baby blanket for a new mommy in the orchestra. Maybe I’ll pick up a book I started on a coffee break. A friend loaned me “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Something else I’ve been nudged about by none other than God, so I guess I’d better get at it, is fleshing out a group study of some sort in the neighborhood. We still need to discuss the format and flavor, but while Honey is volunteering his services at the church rummage sale, I can get it on paper. Why am I not volunteering my services at the rummage sale too? Because I’d come home with stuff, maybe some of my own stuff I regretted giving away. It’s tough being a pack rat. You don’t send an alcoholic to a wine tasting party, do you?

We’ve had an unusually cool spring this year, perfect in midwest mindsets, but cool in southern climates. Today we have stalled humidity unwilling to ask for directions and high 80’s. We waited for sunset, patiently running fans before we finally shut the windows and turned on the AC for maybe the second time since the last tree leafed out in mid April. We’ll sleep good tonight. I think we can adhere to this regimen until the 90’s set in. Soon, oh, this weekend? the gazebo on the back and the pergola structure in the front, maybe next weekend, will shade us well enough to wait on a regular basis for nighfall before straining the AC to push against the hot sun.

I did get my radishes and green beans planted this evening. The radish seeds, already starting to sprout inside the rainsoaked packet, are in a big bowl and the green beans in window boxes. When I get the railing stained, Honey will mount the wire hangers for the boxes and the shepherd’s hook for the pots to hang the tomato plants upside down. Pictures to come. I’m anxious to see if this is a great idea or a comedy routine. We’ll see.

The Buick decided to act up on the trip back from Jonesborough on Monday. I haven’t reported on that yet, but be patient. I took the camera. Suffice to say before I sign off to sleepy-land is that the transmission did not need replacing as we had feared, only the transmission sensor. The pacemaker was cheaper than the transplant. All is well but it was a tense two days waiting for the diagnosis.

One more day to the weekend. If The Spare wants to reboot Sunday, I may report our pilgrimage and maybe even catch some family on camera! (hint,hint)


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