To catch up before the next orbit to the backside of the moon

And the moon’s backside is not pretty.

Here’s the deal.  Are you old enough to remember Louie the dog?  Ed Sullivan (oh, go look him up!) would invite dozens of dog trick acts — poodles jumping through hoop after hoop.  One comedian had a redneck mutt that just laid there in one spot motionless.  Once in a while he’d stretch and yawn.  The entire act consisted of the man enthusiastically trying to get the dog to do tricks.  “You can do ‘er, Louie! C’mon Louie! Atta boy, Louie!!”  And the dog laid there.

That’s my laptop.  Unlike Louie, I manage to kick start it and then when it’s up and running, I have to do everything I can think of — setting up the water bill, activating the Tracfone, blogging.  I looked up “black death laptop screen” and it appears there are others out there with the same problem issss-ues.  BTW, this all happened exactly 2 weeks after the factory warranty ran out. I am never not buying an extended warranty on a piece of electonics over $500 again.  The upshot of it is Honey took it in to work and let the silly-cone heads play with it to see what’s up with that.  It worked, then it didn’t work, then it worked……. The guy at the Witch Doctor Computer Repair and Bait Shop (sorry, withdrawal can be ugly) computer repair place said this HP model has had motherboard issues catastrophies and if my serial number is in the list, if I have the receipt (no I don’t but I found the entry on the card I used), the board is free.  What’s the labor charge?  We have a dollar ceiling for one attempt at repair and if that turns out to be failed guesswork, I march into a store and say “I’ll take that one” without missing a step. I signed up for offline storage at Carbonite after the screen blanked out the second time so all I have to do is download all my files on a replacement unit.  Had I not listened to that little birdie who’s been trying to tell me things for years, I would be on medication over the potential loss of 9,638 names in my genealogy program.

What else have we been up to?  Oh, yes, we continue to make our slow crawl toward the 21st century.  Almost there. Our date last Friday to stalk used cars with high mpg was disappointing.  One looked great but had 227,000+ miles on it.  Sorry, we have two of those already.  Another was pretty decent, only 4 cigarette burns, but about 1,000 too many dollars on the windshield.  “How about that one for $3995?” “I can get you into that for $5000.” Eh?? “There’s a fee.” Have a nice life.  Honey called it a commission.  Y’all really need to bury that in the price.  The restaurant we chose on the basis of never having been there before was also a bust.  However …..

Just a mere 3 days later, Honey found the Corolla.  Last night we had a really pretty CD player from Circuit City installed with things on it … I think I’ll drive while The Honey diddles with it and the instructions.  We were ready to write the check at Best Buy but the salesperson was apparently last in his class and said we should “drive around and see if an installer is there ‘cuz he doesn’t answer the phone.”  And we were supposed to pay extra for this when CC installs for free.  This time we chose to eat at Panera Bread.  They make a great Asian salad.

While at Best Buy, I used my birthday gift card after 3 1/2 months and bought an MP3 player.  “Okay, so it does this and that and what does this little symbol mean?” Don’t say IPod.  I’m practicing on the MP3 like young marrieds practice on a puppy before they make a human baby.  The MP3 player makes two, count them, two more instruction books when I’m still working on my new phone.

So that we can dump ATT in a timely manner, I want to activate Honey’s new phone today while I have the chance but had to pick it up in a town 40 miles from here because Fed-Ex had signature required on the order.  I don’t remember seeing the option when I ordered it, but off we go.  I need the online access to do the setup since their customer service people are somewhere in the eastern hemisphere.  For our other Trac’s problems, I had a spanish speaking friend at work call for me and when she pressed 2 for espanol, she got a guy in China who could produce only broken English other than Chinese which neither of us spoke.  Let’s hope online works. Let’s hope the laptop doesn’t get a burr under its little saddle.

After I get the thing activated, Honey is on his own with the FOURTH instruction book for yet another new toy in the house.  Life was so simple in the 50’s.  Call the phone company to send a man simiar in appearance to the Norge repairman to install one black rotary dial phone with one ring just like everybody elses’ and a too-short cord imbedded in the wall.  Pay whatever Ma Bell said and rent the ugly phone for $1.00 a month for the rest of your life, not necessarily the life of the unit.  Extensions were for rich people.  Colors were optional if you opted for black.

In the meantime !! ……….. The laundry is begging, I still have to sort closets for the church rummage sale, a small dog could make a meal licking up crumbs, the dining room table has receipts on it that we will save for a minimum of 10 years, and I am getting ready to soak my sore thumb.  Literally.  I was helping take apart a wooden pergola on the back deck and tore the side of my thumb away from the nailbed.  No big deal, a drop of blood.  Ten days later, it’s swollen, bright read, tingly — that would be, let me think, oh yes, royally infected.  So I sit with my thumb in a solution of epsom salts until the water cools then alternate with another paper cup of hydrogen peroxide and won’t get too close to anythng electronic.  For now, I’m learning to hit the space bar left handed. In another 6 hours I get to swallow another huge antibiotic horse pill which doesn’t seeem to be doing much.

That about catches up to date.  Honey said we should know more on the laptop’s future by the end of next week.  When?????   It’s in the shop how long?  WordPress and my 3 email sites are blocked at work so……. I’ll be back whenever.

Maybe I can slap it awake talk nice to it tomorrow too.



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